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Car i amici blogger, se siete di quelli che inseriscono Google Ads dappertutto alla ricerca dei click ma soprattutto dei $$$, il Google Content Blocker e’ lo strumento che fa per voi, anzi per i vostri utenti.
Blocca tutti i vostri contenuti e mostra solo i vostri Ads, che cosa ci potete fare? Leggete:

What can I do once the content is removed?

  • Click on the ads: Just click ’em (you don’t even have to read ’em). Every time you click an ad, money changes hands. As an option, you can install the free Google Content Blocker “ka-ching!” audio support file.
  • Look at the ads: You probably already know that ads are interesting, entertaining, and informative. So look at them. You may not even realize it, but just looking at an ad will help our advertisers because eventually you’re going to click on that sucker.
  • Click on the ads: Use your mouse. Move the mouse pointer over an ad, then click the mouse button.
  • Tell your friends about the ads: Tell them how cute and funny the ads are, and tell them how to find them. Also tell them to click on the ads.
  • Click on the ads: If you see an ad, click it. It’s as easy as that.

Leggetevi anche l’Help e le Preferences…sto ancora ridendo :)

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