Can you still get the Felwinter’s lie?

Yes, you can still get Felwinter’s Lie, an exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2. This weapon was introduced as part of the Season of the Chosen in the game and it comes with some unique features. To get the Felwinter’s Lie, you have to venture into the Ziggurat in the Winding Cove of EDZ and complete a series of tasks.

The first step is to defeat various Cabal forces. Once this is done, you will be able to open up a locked door within the Ziggurat and make your way down to a ritual chamber. Here, you will battle with a champion.

Once defeated you will be able to pick up the weapon at the end of the chamber. Players will also get Brilliant Gloss to imbue your weapons with the power of the Sun and a Splicer Medallion to access lost pathways.

How do I get Felwinters lie now?

To obtain the Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun, players must first buy the ‘Grimoire of the Endless’, a tome sold by Eris Morn in the Tower. Once purchased, players must complete a quest called ‘Line In The Sand’ by completing the three story missions found in the ‘Age Of Triumph’ Record Book.

Upon completion of these missions, players will obtain the felwinter’s Lie weapon. Additionally, players must also complete a Lost Memory Fragment quest line from Eris Morn. This will require the player to complete new versions of various strikes, as well as trips to planets like Mercury and Mars.

Once the Memory Fragment quest line is complete, players can turn the quest in to Izara, Curse of the Hidden and receive the Felwinter’s Lie.

Is The Felwinter’s Lie still good?

Yes, The Felwinter’s Lie is still good. This legendary shotgun is known for its powerful primary perk, Snapshot Sights, which increases reload speed, stability, and accuracy when aiming. Its TNT Trigger System perk also gives you increased damage and increased blast radius, which can be useful in close quarters and PvP.

The monolithic fireball rounds also make this weapon a great option for taking out Guardians with just a few shots. Additionally, The Felwinter’s Lie reward you with up to six Kills in Streaks, which makes it a great option for grinding towards high scores and completing bounties.

Overall, The Felwinter’s Lie is still a good choice, particularly for those looking to increase their DPS in PvP.

What’s the Shotgun in Destiny 2?

The Shotgun in Destiny 2 is a type of powerful close-range weapon that fires bursts of buckshot pellets. This class of weapon is designed to be effective at close range, allowing Guardians to approach their enemies quickly and efficiently deal out massive amounts of damage.

The Shotgun has a high rate of fire, making it a great choice to use in both PvE and PvP encounters. It will require proper aim and good accuracy to make the most of its potential, as its spread of pellets makes it difficult to hit multiple targets at once.

When used correctly, however, the Shotgun can be a powerful tool for finding success in the game.

How do you get a 1 2 punch shotgun?

A 1-2 punch shotgun is a specific type of shotgun, usually a pump-action shotgun, that is designed to enable a shooter to fire two rounds in quick succession. Generally, these shotguns are designed with a slide-action pump and a modified magazine tube that is designed to accept two rounds in a single pump movement.

Some models, such as the Remington 870 Express and the Mossberg 590A1, have been specifically designed and marketed as 1-2 punch shotguns.

In order to get a 1-2 punch shotgun, one can purchase one from a gun shop or firearm dealer. It is important to note that most stores and dealers require that customers be at least 21 years of age in order to purchase a shotgun.

Furthermore, many states and localities have additional requirements, such as background checks and waiting periods. It is important to research these requirements in order to ensure a safe and legal purchase.

In addition to purchasing a 1-2 punch shotgun from a dealer, there are other options available. For example, one can purchase a shotgun and modify it so that it is capable of accepting two shells with a single pump.

This type of modification is usually referred to as “sling shotting” and it typically involves either machining the magazine tube or adding a custom magazine extension. It is important to note that sling shotting a shotgun is not recommended unless one has the proper knowledge and skills to do so.

Otherwise, one should consult with a qualified gunsmith who will be able to safely and properly modify the shotgun.

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