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Neuros OSD (tags: Linux opensource video hardware media music fun entertainment tv dvr pvr)

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Designing on a Dime: 100 Freebie CSS Resources – Software Developer (tags: code css design layout tutorials web2.0 webdesign reference Resources) The Ultimate MySpace Layout at 9rules Humor Notes (tags: myspace css humor funny lol) AjaxDaddy – Ajax Demos and Examples (tags: AJAX webdesign javascript web2.0 scripts) Download Free Fonts and Dingbats | (tags: […]

links for 2007-06-05 | online multiplayer strategy game (tags: gaming ajax multiplayer online web2.0 social entertainment Free fun game) Globulation2 (tags: gaming opensource linux strategy turns)

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Nexuiz (tags: opensource linux free 3d game entertainment Ubuntu) The Sushi FAQ – The Definitive Guide to Sushi and Sashimi (tags: cool guide howto japan reference tips faq japanese sushi cooking Food) HumorPix – Funny videos and images (tags: funny humor video pics 2.0) instructables : Recycle cans into nice trays : intro (tags: howto […]

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intensivstation :: CSS Templates :: Templates (tags: css design templates webdesign layout) Six ways to write more comprehensible code (tags: guide tips Programming code development writing)

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ACM Queue – DNS Complexity: A journey into the sublime complexity of the domain name system: Although it contains just a few simple rules, DNS has grown into an enormously complex system. (tags: dns networking internet web interesting domains sysadmin backgrounds) Hacking Firefox: The secrets of about:config (tags: cool css hacks linux tips tricks Firefox […]

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Cacti Scripts and Templates (Cisco Routers and Switches,Mysql,Apache,qmail,postfix,Netapp,Netscree firewall,bind,Windows and many more (tags: monitoring cacti templates scripts resources)

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aNobii: La libreria di Michelem (tags: books, bookshelf, amazon, bol, reading, readers, friends) How to Make OpenCola – WikiHow (tags: cool howto open tutorial opencola cola) Firefox Companion for eBay (tags: firefox ebay extension addon cool) 20 WordPress Themes That Don’t Disappoint – (tags: blog cool css design graphics templates themes wordpress) 101 Essential […]

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SF PaperCraftGallery

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Basic injection with ipw2200 and BackTrack v2 for beginners (tags: wardriving wireless crack wep wpa hacking security) Cracking WEP and WPA Wireless Networks – Docupedia (tags: crack Hacking networking security wpa wireless wep wardriving tutorial wifi howto)