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Nginx + Fail2ban Blocking IP behind AWS Load Balancer

You know there is this problem, if you have some web servers behind an Amazon ELB it’s hard to block some malicious hosts. Why is it hard? Well, first of all, on the ELB you can use only security groups to allow/block IP/nets, BUT AWS Security Group doesn’t permit you to block something but only to allow, […]

Magento: how to create a super fast catalog export for Google Merchant

So you need a script to export your catalog products into a CSV file to import it on Google Merchant. There is a lot of scripts on the net to do this, but the problem with these scripts is, as usual, speed performance. If you have a big/huge catalog you will experience issue on speed, […]

AWS EC2 Manage Snapshot Backup with PHP SDK

This is a simple script based upon AWS SDK PHP to manage volume’s snapshots. It simply create one snapshot per volume (once you run it) and delete snapshot older then 1 month. Please provide your personal information by copying into Run the script backup-snapshots.php with your CRON. For example: # Auto AWS Snapshots […]

Import/Synchronizing your imap email into Gmail with imapsync

– Installare “imapsync” (su Debian/Ubuntu “apt-get install imapsync”) – Procedere alla sincronizzazione con il seguente comando: – Se volete sincronizzare solo specifiche direcotry Imap bastera’ aggiungere l’opzione “–folder yourfolder” – Se volete prima provare senza che nulla venga toccato aggiungete l’opzione “–dry”

Screen rotation on ATI Radeon card with xrandr

Prima di tutto e’ indispensabile installare gli ultimi driver ATI disponibili (al momento il file si chiama Installati i driver, va lanciato l’inserimento dei moduli nel kernel: modprobe fglrx Infine va abilitato il support a RandR per poter modificare al volo il layout dello schermo, cosi’ come la sua rotazione e molte altre cose. […]

Yet Another SmackBook Script

Simple steps to command your macbook hitting it. You need a Leopard Mac OS X to use the script below. This is a bad quality video I took just to demonstrate what you will get. Download AMSTracker, a command-line program that retrieves acceleration data from the Sudden Motion Sensor in Apple notebook computers (Macbook and […]

Postfix Autoreply/Out-of-Office Virtual HOWTO

Imbattutomi nell’arduo problema di trovare un modo per configurare un autorisponditore sul server di posta di un cliente che usa account virtuali e non di sistema, ho finalmente risolto l’arcano ricordandomi della mitica funzione “pipe” di Postfix, ecco come fare: Se avete Postfix configurato su mysql dovrete inanzitutto aggiungere un “transport” nella tabella appropriata del […]

FriendFeed addicted? Try FriendFeed SPY mashup

FriendFeed SPY is arrived! Now you can spy on the FriendFeed public timeline in real time without refreshing your browser, like my first mashup Twitter SPY, it grabs the latest news posted by users on FriendFeed and display them. But FriendFeed SPY does something more because you can autenticate against your FriendFeed account to comment […]

Last(.fm) Music Map – Discover music events around the world

Here is my last creation after my first mashup project Twitter SPY, Last(.fm) Music Map is a mashup between music social network and Google Maps. You can find your preferred artist’s music events around the world, just put your artist name and let it find the latest concerts and events. It looks at similar […]

Twitter SPY launched!

Today I’ve launched my first project based upon the Twitter API. Twitter SPY displays the Twitter public timeline in a fancy and addictive way, thanks to Jquery Javascript framework Twitter SPY scrolls new tweets in real time, very web 2.0 :) Twitter SPY also grabs latest url submitted by users and it displays them, I […]