Do quote tweets show up in replies?

Quote tweets are a type of tweet that allow users to share someone else’s tweet along with their own commentary. Quote tweets can show up as a reply to another tweet, but there are actually two different ways of doing it.

The first is to simply quote the tweet in your own tweet, by using the Retweet button and adding in your own commentary. The other is to use the Reply button and add a quote of the original tweet in your own reply.

Both types of quote tweets will show up when looking at the replies to the original tweet.

Can someone see your quote tweet?

Yes, anyone who is following both you and the user you are quoting can see your quote tweet. Additionally, people who are not following either user can see your quote tweet if it has been retweeted by someone they follow.

When a user retweets a quote tweet, they are essentially sharing it with the people who follow them. This means that even if someone wasn’t originally in the conversation, they can be exposed to it simply by seeing the quote tweet popup in their timeline.

Quoting someone is also an effective way to draw attention to a conversation or a post that already exists. By quoting the tweet, you are bringing it up to the top of timelines, both public and private, so people will be more likely to take notice and potentially engage in the conversation.

How do you see a quoted tweet replies?

In order to see replies to a quoted tweet, you will first need to make sure you have the latest version of Twitter installed on your mobile device or computer. Once you have the latest version, all you need to do is tap or click on the ‘Retweet with comment’ button below the tweet you wish to view the replies of.

This is the icon with two intertwined arrows. Once you tap or click on the button, a list of replies will appear near the bottom of the page. You can scroll through this list of replies and tap or click on any one to view the full interaction.

What happens when you quote a tweet?

Quoting a tweet is an easy way to repost someone else’s tweet. When you quote a tweet, it creates a new tweet that has the original tweeter’s username and tweet as a part of the post. This allows anyone who looks at your tweet to click the username and get more details about the original poster.

Quoting a tweet is a great way to join conversations and add more context to the discussions taking place on Twitter. Quoting a tweet can help spread the reach of the original poster and also allows you to show your appreciation for the tweet or comment you are quoting.

Additionally, quoting a tweet gives you a link to the original tweet, which makes it easier for others to access.

Is it better to reply to a tweet or quote tweet?

The answer to this question depends on the context of why you are replying to a tweet. If you simply want to join in on the conversation or respond to an existing tweet, then it may be better to reply to the tweet.

However, if you are responding to something but want to add your own thoughts to the conversation, then it might be better to quote tweet. Quote tweeting allows you to add your own comment to the conversation and often helps to contextulize your statement.

Additionally, quote tweeting gives your opinion more weight than a regular reply. Quote tweeting also helps to create a more engaged and active conversation versus the one sidedness of replies. However, to ensure that you come off as professional and polite, whatever method of reply you choose, it is important to take into consideration the content and tone of your response.

Can you hide quote tweets on Twitter?

Yes, you can hide quote tweets on Twitter. To hide a quote tweet, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the tweet (represented by three vertical dots), and select “Hide Tweet. ” Once you do this, the tweet won’t appear in your timeline, and will be hidden from anyone who visits your profile.

The tweet will still appear publicly, however, and can be viewed by searching for it or seeing it in the original poster’s timeline. If you want to delete the quote tweet completely, you can do so from the Tweet detail page, by selecting the context menu (represented by three dots next to the original tweet) and then selecting “Delete Tweet.


What is the effect of quoting?

Quoting material is an important tool for academic writers, as it allows for the writer to present the ideas and words of experts within the field. Quoting is a useful way to strengthen the writers argument with evidence from reliable and credible sources.

Quoting experts can make the argument more convincing, while also introducing new ideas and perspectives that the writer might not possess. It also serves as a way of bringing readers up to speed on the current debates within a certain field by providing readers with the words of experts or studies that are on point.

Finally, quoting serves to provide the reader with an easily digestible set of data or insights. In many cases, this could mean that readers are able to quickly grasp the point being made, while also providing them with enough information to research the topic further if they would like to.

In summary, quoting is an essential tool for academic writing as it offers the writer to present new ideas and evidence from reliable sources, strengthens the argument, and provides readers with an easily digestible set of facts and ideas.

Why is my quote retweet not showing up?

There may be several reasons why your quote retweet is not showing up. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that Twitter is a dynamic platform, and a lot of content appears and disappears depending on real-time engagement.

So if the retweet was from an account with a low following and low interaction, there is a chance that it will be drowned out by other content quickly.

Additionally, Twitter generally limits the number of retweets and quote retweets of the same tweet, so if the content has been circulated multiple times, yours may not be visible.

If neither of these are true, there may be some technical issues. Try clearing your cache, logging out and logging back in, or restarting the Twitter app to see if the quote retweet arrives. It’s also worth double-checking the account the tweet originated from and making sure the profile is public, so that Twitter and its algorithm can properly pick up your retweet.

Finally, if nothing else works, reach out to Twitter Support directly and they may be able to help you investigate the issue.

Why are quoted tweets hidden?

Quoted tweets are those that link to a tweet made by someone else on Twitter. They are hidden to protect users’ privacy and to reduce the risk of spam, among other reasons. Quoted tweets are purposefully hidden to eliminate clutter and help make the Twitter interface easier to use and view.

Additionally, many users post tweets in response to other users they may or may not be affiliated with, and it’s important to preserve the privacy of all users involved.

Quoted tweets are also hidden to reduce the risk of users sharing inappropriate content or spam tweets. By hiding these tweets, Twitter is able to ensure that users don’t share offensive material or malicious links.

This helps make the platform a safer place for everyone.

Finally, quoted tweets are hidden to ensure that one user does not monopolize the conversation. By hiding them, Twitter can ensure that conversations don’t become one-sided and that everyone’s voice is heard.

This helps create an environment of polite discourse and healthy dialogue.

How do you find out who tweeted a quote?

Finding out who tweeted a quote can be done in a few different ways.

First, you can use a search engine to look for the quote. If you know the exact quote, you can use quotation marks to search for it and hopefully, the name of the person who tweeted it will be included in the results.

Second, you can use a tool like WhoTweetedIt to search for the quote. By giving the tool the specific quote, it can tell you who tweeted it and when.

Third, you can use a tool like Mention’s search engine. Just enter the quote and you’ll be able to find out who tweeted it.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always reach out to the person or organization who made the quote and ask if they can tell you who tweeted it. This could result in them providing you with the name of the person who tweeted the quote.

Overall, finding out who tweeted a quote can be done in a few different ways, from using search engines to specialized tools.

How do I find all quote retweets?

Finding all quote retweets on Twitter can be done easily using the “Advanced Search” feature. You can access this feature by clicking the “Search” bar at the top of the Twitter homepage and selecting “Advanced Search.

” On the Advanced Search page, type in the person or keyword you want to search for, then click on the “Q” next to the “People” dropdown to select “Quotes. ” This will display only the tweets that are quoting or retweeting the account in question.

You can customize your search even further by adding additional keywords, selecting a particular language, or selecting a date range. After making your selections, click the “Search” button to begin your search.

You should now see results of all quote retweets of that account.

Can you add a link to a quote Tweet?

Yes, you can add a link to a quote Tweet. Quote Tweets allow users to share another user’s Tweet with their followers, along with their own personal commentary. To add a link to a quote Tweet, start by opening the Tweet you wish to share, clicking the “Retweet” button and then selecting “Quote Tweet.

” This will bring up the text box where a user can enter commentary. Before posting, the user can select “Add link” which will open a window where they can enter and add a link, such as a website URL, to the quote Tweet.

Once they have added their link and chosen to shorten the URL, they can select “Tweet” at the bottom of the window to post the link.

How do I make a clickable text link?

Creating a clickable text link is easy, as long as you have an appropriate web page or other file you want viewers to be directed to. For example, if you want to make a link to a website page, you would need the URL for that page.

First, you will want to determine what text you want to make into a link. Then, go to the HTML code for the page you want to add the link to and type in the following code:

[Link Text here]

The “page URL here” section of the code should be replaced with the appropriate address linking to your target page, while the “Link Text here” section should contain the exact text which viewers will see as the link.

For example, if you wanted to link to a page with the URL ”http://example. com/links” and wanted the text “Example Links” to appear on the page as a link, then you would type in the following code:

Example Links

Once you have added the link code to your page, save your changes, and the link should appear on the page. Clicking on it should direct viewers to the specified page.

How do I add a link to a Tweet without a URL?

Adding a link to a Tweet without a URL can be done by using a link shortener. By taking a long URL and making it shorter, you can use Twitter’s limited character count without losing any vital components of the message.

Examples of link shorteners are bitly or TinyURL, which you can access online. To convert a long URL into a shorter one, simply visit the website, paste the URL into the form and click “shorten. ” Copy the resulting link and paste it into the Tweet.

This shorter link then redirects to the original URL when a user clicks on it.

How do you quote a Tweet in reply without link?

To tweet in reply without a link, first compose your text and make sure to include the relevant Twitter handle, preceded by a full stop or an “@” symbol. Before submitting your tweet, you will need to check the box at the foot of the Tweet box which reads “Tweet with Quote”.

This will indicate that you are replying to the Tweet. Please bear in mind that the Twitter quoted Tweet can only be 280 characters long, and that retweets and replies may affect the character length of the original Tweet.

Once satisfied, you can hit ‘Tweet’ and your Tweet with Quote will be shared.

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