Does deleting a chat on Kik delete it for the other person?

No, deleting a chat on Kik does not delete it for the other person. Kik stores its messages on its own server, which means that both people can still access the messages in a conversation even after one person has deleted it.

The person who deleted the conversation will no longer be able to see it in their own app, but the other person can still access it if they know exactly where to look. Because of this, it’s important to make sure both people know they should delete their messages if they do not want either party to be able to access them later.

Can you Delete a picture you sent on Kik?

Yes, you can delete a picture that you sent on Kik. You can do this by opening the conversation with the recipient, tapping the picture you sent, and then tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

From here, you can select “Delete Message,” which will completely remove the picture from the conversation and cannot be retrieved. It’s important to note that this will immediately delete the picture from the conversation, so you won’t be able to view it again.

You should also be aware that if the recipient already has downloaded or screenshotted the picture, then deleting the message from the conversation won’t remove the picture from their device.

What happens to conversations when you Delete Kik?

When you delete Kik, all your conversations and associated messages will be permanently deleted. This means that you won’t be able to view any messages you previously sent or received, and any user accounts associated with your Kik account will be removed.

Additionally, all your Kik contacts and associated contacts’ messages will be deleted. Depending on your device, it’s possible your account details may remain in your device’s memory. In this case, you may need to perform a factory reset or clear your device’s cache in order to completely remove all traces of your Kik account.

What’s the difference between clearing a chat and deleting a chat?

Clearing a chat is a way to delete all of the messages in a conversation without fully deleting the chat. For example, messages can be deleted in a WhatsApp chat by going to the options menu, then selecting “Clear Chat”.

This will delete all of the messages in the chat, but the chat itself will still remain in the chat list.

Deleting a chat is a way to completely remove a chat from the chat list. For example, you can delete a chat in WhatsApp by going to the options menu, then selecting “Delete Chat”. This will completely remove the chat from the chat list, and all of the messages that were in the chat will be irrecoverably lost.

Can you delete a chat before someone sees it?

Yes, you can delete a chat before someone sees it. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the messaging platform you’re using.

If you’re using an instant messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype, you can delete a chat before someone sees it by swiping left on the chat and tapping the delete option.

If you’re using a chatroom platform such as Slack, you can delete the message in the channel before anyone else sees it. Simply hover the mouse over the message you want to delete and select the menu icon (3 vertical dots).

A menu will appear with the delete message option. You can also delete the entire conversation from the main channel page, or from the conversation settings page.

If you’re using a website or application with a text messaging feature, you could also delete a message before someone sees it by deleting or editing it. However, this may be difficult if the other person has already read the message and taken action.

Overall, it is possible to delete a chat before someone sees it, but the likelihood of success will depend on the messaging platform you’re using and the actions taken by any other chat participants since you sent the message.

Does deleting Instagram chat delete on both sides?

Yes, when someone deletes an Instagram chat, the chat is deleted on both ends. That is to say, the messages won’t be visible to either of the participants after deletion. It is important to note, however, that deleted chats do not actually get deleted from Instagram’s servers; instead, they are made inaccessible to both users.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that when a chat is deleted by one user, the other user will still be able to see their own messages, but the other person’s messages won’t be seen. This applies even if the other person hasn’t deleted the chats.

What happens when you delete a chat on Snapchat?

When you delete a chat on Snapchat, all of the messages that you and the person you were chatting with will be removed from both of your accounts. This means that the messages won’t be visible in the chat, and they won’t appear in Memories.

It also means that any shared photos, videos, or links that were included in the chat are also no longer visible. Snapchat also deletes any Snaps (photos or videos) that were sent as part of the chat, as well as any multi-person chats that had the chat you deleted as a part of it.

However, since Snapchat doesn’t save your chats to its servers, any posts not actually sent are not retrievable.

Can someone see if you muted their messages?

No, it is not possible for someone to see if you have muted their messages. Muting messages means that you will no longer receive notifications when they message you. Moreover, your chat history remains unaffected, and the person who sent you the message will still be able to view it.

However, they won’t be aware of the fact that you have muted their messages unless you tell them yourself. To make sure that the person doesn’t know that you have muted their messages, you can also leave the conversation or delete it.

How do you know if someone blocks you on Kik?

If someone has blocked you on Kik, there are a few telltale signs that can indicate this has happened. Firstly, the user won’t appear in your contacts list, no matter how many times you search for them.

If you have tried sending them messages, they could have sent an automated response to your messages saying that they have blocked you. As well as this, if you have tried looking at their profile or have been to their profile previously, it could suddenly be missing.

Another indicator is if you have any mutual friends, they might tell you that they cannot see that user’s profile anymore and can no longer message them either. Due to Kik’s privacy policy, they don’t confirm that someone has blocked you, but by looking out for these signs, you can typically be sure that you have, in fact, been blocked.

Can you read a Kik message without the sender knowing?

No, you cannot read a Kik message without the sender knowing. When a sender sends a message through Kik, they can see when the message has been delivered, opened, and even when it has been read. If you try to read the message without opening it, the sender will still be able to tell that the message has been read even if the conversation is closed.

No matter what action you take, the sender will be able to tell that the message was read.

What is bricking on Kik?

Bricking on Kik refers to the process of a Kik messenger user’s account being blocked and/or suspended due to inappropriate behavior. When a user is blocked or suspended, they will be unable to access their account and all of their messages, contacts and chats will be lost.

This usually occurs when the user has violated the terms of service, such as posting profanity, nudity or other inappropriate content. It can also be the result of repeated violations of Kik’s terms of service or if a Kik user is reported for unacceptable behavior.

Unfortunately, when a Kik user’s profile has been blocked or suspended, there is no way to restore access, and the user must create a new account if they wish to use Kik messenger again.

What should you not do on Kik?

It is important to practice safety when using messaging apps like Kik, as there are many potential risks associated with using these types of applications. To ensure your safety, avoid doing the following on Kik:

• Do not give out personal information – Keep your personal information, such as your full name, address, phone number, and date of birth, private. Also, think carefully before revealing your location, age, family members’ names, or any other details that could be used to identify you.

Be careful when exchanging photos, as images can easily be distributed or traced back to you.

• Do not respond to strangers – Do not answer messages sent by people you do not know. Even if you think they seem harmless, they could still be malicious or have ulterior motives.

• Do not send or receive illegal content – Do not use Kik to send or receive illegal content, such as child pornography or other inappropriate material.

• Do not engage in cyberbullying – Do not use Kik to send threatening or harassing messages. Not only is this unethical and potentially illegal, but it can have serious emotional consequences as well.

Does s mean blocked on Kik?

Yes, when someone’s Kik profile status says “s” it means that they have blocked you. When you are blocked by someone on Kik, you will not be able to see their profile or send them any messages. The blocked user’s profile will appear as “blocked,” and their profile status will read “s”.

This means it is impossible to contact them through Kik unless the user decides to unblock you.

What does the S check mark mean on Kik?

The S check mark on Kik is a feature that indicates when a message has been successfully sent by the sender. It appears to the left of the timestamp for the message. Once a message is sent, a double gray tick mark will appear to indicate that the message has been sent, and once it has been delivered to the recipient, the double gray tick marks will be replaced with an S check mark.

This feature is meant to provide assurance to the sender of the message that the message was successfully sent, and is often a useful indication that the recipient has seen the message.

What are the 3 dots on Kik?

The three dots on Kik are used to indicate when another user is typing a message. When you and another person are having a conversation and the other person is typing, you will be able to see the three dots on their end.

This serves as a way to let the other person know that their message is being composed and that they do not need to wait for a response. Additionally, the three dots indicate the other person’s activity on the app, and if you do not receive a response after some time, you can assume that the other person has either stopped typing or they have left the conversation.

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