How can I delete the whole conversation from both sides on Instagram?

To delete an entire conversation from both sides on Instagram, you’ll need to open the conversation and tap the “…” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. In the menu that appears, select the “Delete Conversation” option.

You will be presented with a warning message notifying you that all messages in the conversation will be deleted for both parties, including photos and videos, and confirming that you want to proceed.

Once you select “Direct Delete”, the conversation will be fully erased from both sides, and will no longer appear in your Instagram inbox or chat list.

How do you Unsend all Instagram messages at once?

Unfortunately, there is no way to Unsend all Instagram messages at once. However, you can unsend individual messages. To do this, open the conversation in which the message was sent, then tap and hold on the message you wish to unsend.

After a few moments, you’ll see an option to Unsend the message. Once you select this, the message will be removed from the conversation, and the other person won’t be able to see the message you sent.

However, please note that if the message was seen before you unsend it, the other person will still be able to access it in their notifications and other messages.

Why can’t I Unsend all messages on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to Unsend all messages on Instagram. This is due to the fact that all messages are stored on Instagram’s servers, meaning that once they’re sent, they can’t be deleted or retracted on the sender’s end.

However, the good news is that there is a way to delete messages from your end so that they won’t appear in your conversation. This can be done by tapping and holding the message and then tapping “Delete”.

Additionally, you can delete a conversation by tapping and holding the conversation and then tapping on “Delete”. This will remove all messages associated with that conversation from your end, but unfortunately it will not remove the messages from the other person’s end.

How many messages can we Unsend on Instagram?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to unsend messages on Instagram. Once a message is sent on the platform, it cannot be deleted or retracted. It remains in the recipient’s inbox until they delete it on their own.

Does Instagram Unsend for both?

Yes, Instagram’s Unsend feature works for both sender and receiver. The sender can choose to unsend a message they have sent while the receiver can choose to unsend a message someone has sent them. The only difference is that the sender will be able to unsend a message regardless of whether the recipient has seen it or not, while the receiver can only unsend messages they have seen.

In both cases, the unsent message will be removed from both sender and receiver’s conversations.

Can I delete Instagram message everyone?

No, you cannot delete Instagram messages from everyone in a conversation at once. However, if you open a conversation thread with a specific person, you can delete the entire conversation with that person.

To do this, open the conversation thread that you want to delete, then tap and hold on the message and select the ‘Delete Conversation’ option. You will see a confirmation prompt, confirming whether you want to delete the entire conversation or just the single message.

Select ‘Delete Conversation’ to delete the entire conversation with this person. Alternatively, you can press and hold on the message and select the ‘Delete’ option, which will delete the message from your end and all the other participants’ ends of the conversation.

Does deleting a IG DM convo Unsend all the messages?

No, deleting a direct message (DM) conversation on Instagram will not unsend all of the messages. The messages that were sent before the conversation was deleted will still remain in the recipient’s account.

This also applies to messages that were sent before the one that was deleted, as those messages will still be present as well. Unfortunately, there is not a way to unsend messages on Instagram, as the platform does not allow for this functionality.

The only way to get rid of messages from a conversation is to delete the entire conversation, which will still leave messages intact on the recipient’s account.

Does vanish mode delete messages on both sides?

No, vanish mode does not delete messages on both sides. Vanish mode is a feature that can be used on the Snapchat app that allows users to view messages only once. Once a Snapchat user opens a message sent in vanish mode, the message will disappear from the conversation view, and the sender will no longer be able to see it on their device.

The message will still be present on the recipient’s device and can be accessed by taking a screenshot, forwarding the message, or being viewed in their notification or chat history. This feature is meant to provide users with a secure and private way to view messages, but it is important to remember that the messages can still be visible elsewhere.

Can you delete messages on Instagram without the other person knowing?

Yes, you can delete messages on Instagram without the other person knowing. To do this, go to your Instagram Direct messages, find the message you want to delete and then press and hold on the message until a new menu pops up.

From this menu, select the “Delete” option and then confirm your selection by pressing “Delete” again. The message will be deleted from your conversation and the other person will have no idea that it ever existed.

Please be aware, however, that deleting a message does not delete the message for the other person. The person you sent the message to will still have access to the message, even after you have deleted it.

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