How do I block a phone number on my LG phone?

Blocking a phone number on your LG phone is a simple process that can be done with a few taps of your finger. First, open the Phone app on your LG phone and select the recent call that you want to block.

Once the call screen is up, select the “More” icon at the top right-hand corner, then select “Settings” in the menu. In the Settings menu, select “Call Blocking” and then “Block List”. From here, you will be able to manually add multiple contacts to the block list or block a single contact from your recent calls list.

Select “OK” once you have finished adding numbers to the block list and you’re done. All of the numbers you have added to the block list will no longer be able to call or text you.

How do I block an unwanted number?

The first is to contact your phone provider and ask them to block the number. Most companies provide this service free of charge. You can also download a blocking app that can block the number for you.

Some of these apps are free, while others require a small fee. Another option is to put the number on a do-not-call list, which should prevent any further incoming calls or texts from that number. Finally, you can also change your number if the situation is dire enough.

How do I permanently block a number from calling me?

The best way to permanently block a number from calling you is by contacting your cell phone service provider. Depending on your provider, you may be able to contact them directly or you may need to fill out a form online.

Once they receive your request, they should be able to block the number from contacting you. Alternatively, there are third party applications you could use to block unwanted numbers. However, these apps may not always be reliable, since telecom providers may be more conscientious in blocking calls from specific numbers.

Can I block someone number permanently?

Yes, it is possible to block someone’s number permanently. This can be done by using the Do Not Disturb feature on most smartphones, which blocks incoming calls and messages. You can also block someone’s number directly from your contacts list.

Additionally, there are various free and paid smartphone applications available that will block unwanted calls and messages. Each of these methods will provide permanent blocking of the chosen numbers.

Additionally, most cell phone providers will also be able to provide you with the option to block specific numbers directly with their service. This feature may require a fee from your cellular plan, so it is best to contact your service provider before purchasing any external applications or utilizing the Do Not Disturb feature.

Does blocking a number really work?

Yes, blocking a number really works. When you block a number, the person will not be able to reach you anymore via call, text, or any other messaging app. It will forward their calls to your voicemail immediately, prevent their texts from showing up in your inbox and turn off read receipts to ensure you don’t know when they have read your texts.

It’s the most effective way to completely protect yourself from unwanted calls, spam, or any other form of harassment. Additionally, blocking a number will ensure that you don’t receive any more notifications from that particular person.

This means better protection against any form of unsolicited communication and harassment from persistent callers.

What happens when you block a number and they text you?

When you block a number, the phone system essentially filters out your number from being able to communicate with the blocked number. This means that any messages you receive from that number will not be delivered to your phone.

The blocked number may still be able to send messages that you will never see, but they will not show up on your phone. In many cases, the blocked number will not even be aware that you have blocked it, as their messages will simply fail to be delivered without any other notification from the carrier.

When you block someone’s cell number do they know?

It depends on the service provider; typically, the blocked person will be aware that the cellphone number has been restricted from making contact with the phone user. If a blocked person attempted to call the cellphone user and received an automated message noting that the call is not being accepted, it’s likely that they are aware of the block.

Additionally, if the blocked person is also subscribed to the same cell service provider, they may also receive a notification that the call has been blocked.

Can someone still text me if I blocked them?

No, if you have blocked someone, then they cannot text you. Blocking someone not only prevents them from calling or texting you, but it also prevents them from seeing any new updates that you post to your profile.

Additionally, blocking someone prevents them from seeing any of your other contacts, which makes it impossible for them to reach out to you via anyone else. As a result, if you have blocked someone, they will not be able to send you text messages.

When you block a number does it go straight to voicemail?

No, when you block a number it does not automatically go straight to voicemail. Blocking a number prevents your phone from receiving calls, texts, FaceTime requests, and other notifications sent from that number.

Depending on your carrier and phone settings, this can mean the blocked number will simply not be able to reach you, or that they will be sent to a voicemail system (which may or may not be the one connected to your phone).

Additionally, when you block a number, it prevents you from being able to reach out to them. Each cell phone provider and phone settings may also have a different upgraded blocking system that can respond differently.

When you block someone can they still get your text?

No, when you block someone they are prevented from seeing your texts and any messages you send them. They will not be able to view or receive any messages from you, including texts and any other messages related to your phone number.

Blocking someone means that your contact information is hidden from that person, and any communications you have previously had with them will be deleted.

Can my phone carrier permanently block a number?

Yes, it is possible for your phone carrier to permanently block a number. Many carriers have the ability to block numbers from calling or texting your phone, and can make that block permanent so the phone number is unable to contact you.

Some carriers may even allow you to block certain numbers with a certain prefix or a certain area code, which will make it more difficult for those numbers to reach you. To block a number, you typically need to contact your carrier directly and request a permanent block on the number.

Once blocked, the number should no longer be able to contact you, and the block cannot be reversed.

Can unwanted text messages be blocked?

Yes, unwanted text messages can be blocked. Most mobile phones and mobile carriers will provide you with the ability to block text messages from any specific sender. You may also be able to block all incoming text messages from unknown senders, numbers that are not in your contact list.

Depending on your mobile phone and carrier, there may be different steps to block text messages. Generally, you’ll need to open the messaging app and select the message thread from the sender you want to block.

Then, you can find the option to block the sender, or report the message as spam. Once complete, you shouldn’t receive any more text messages from the sender. In addition, you can also contact your mobile carrier to ask if they have a service to block all unwanted texts.

How do you block a number so they can’t leave a message?

In order to block a number from leaving a message, you will need to do so through your phone provider. Different phone providers have different methods to block numbers, so you will need to contact your carrier or refer to the instructions provided to you when you purchased your phone.

Generally speaking, most phone providers allow you to block specific numbers from calling or messaging you. You may be able to access the relevant settings through your device or account page on the service provider’s website.

It is also possible to search for the blocking features in your phone’s settings. Additionally, some providers may offer a “do not disturb” feature that will mute any incoming calls and messages, but you will still be able to receive those from contacts you have saved in your address book.

Depending on the provider and your phone model, the methods of blocking calls and messages may vary. Ultimately, the best way to learn how to block numbers from leaving messages is to check the user guide that came along with your phone or contact your phone provider.

Can you block a number for calls only?

Yes, you can block a number for calls only. Depending on the phone you are using, this process may slightly vary. For most phones, to block a number for calls, you first need to open the ‘settings’ or ‘phone’ menu.

From there, search for ‘Call Settings’ and tap the ‘Call Rejection’ or similar option. If prompted, enter the phone’s password or PIN number. Then select ‘Reject Calls from a List’ or ‘Auto Reject List.

‘ Once selected, you should be able to enter the number you want to block. For iPhones, you need to tap ‘Phone’, ‘Recents’, locate the number you wish to block, and select ‘Block this Caller. ‘ After that, the number can only be unblocked by entering the ‘Settings’ menu again and unblocking the number from there.

How do I block just calls?

Blocking just calls on a mobile phone is typically done through the features in the underlying operating system. The exact method will vary based on your device and operating system.

For example, on an iPhone running iOS 13 or later, you can go to Settings > Phone, then switch on Silence Unknown Callers. This will block all incoming calls that are not in your contact list or not in your recent calls list.

You can also create a list of contacts you want to block, and use specific settings to reject or blacklist calls from these numbers.

Android phones running Android 9. 0 or later offer a ‘Call Screen’ feature, which allows you to silence calls from unknown numbers. Simply enable this setting and any calls from unknown numbers will be automatically blocked.

You can find more information about specific settings for blocking calls on your device’s operating system in the user manual for your device or by searching online.

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