How do I delete shared content from my Samsung messages?

To delete shared content from your Samsung messages, you will need to first open the message and then select the content you wish to delete. Once the content has been selected, you can then tap the trash icon in the top menu bar.

This will delete the selected content from your Samsung Messages. If you’re having trouble locating the trash icon, you can also long press the content, which will open up a menu with the option to delete the content.

If you are attempting to delete all of the shared content within a conversation at once, you can first open the conversation and then tap the three dots in the top right corner of the conversation window.

From here, you can select the option to delete all shared content within the conversation. However, please note that this will delete all shared content within the conversation, not just the content you have shared.

How do I get rid of unwanted messages on my Samsung phone?

In order to get rid of unwanted messages on your Samsung phone, you will need to take a few steps. First, you should try to go to the messaging app and delete the unwanted messages. If there are multiple messages you need to delete, you can tap and hold down a message and then select other messages to delete all at once.

If there are unwanted messages that are still on your phone, you can try blocking the contact or number the messages are coming from. To do this, open the messages app, tap and hold the message, and then select “Block number.

” You can also go to your phone’s settings and navigate to “Caller ID and Spam,” and then select “Block numbers” to block all messages from a certain contact.

If you have unwanted messages that have already been read, you can clear the conversation by going to the messages app and tapping the “More” icon. There, you can select to “Delete all” conversations.

If none of these methods work and you continue to receive unwanted messages, you can contact your service provider and ask if they have any additional ways to filter the messages you are receiving.

How do I get rid of shared items?

Removing shared items from your account can be done in a few different ways, depending on the type of shared item you’re trying to remove.

For files that other people have added to you and that you would like to delete, go to the file that was shared with you, find the “share” button, and click the “X” which will appear on the right side of the list of people it was shared with.

Once you click the X next to your name, you’ll be removed from the share and the file will no longer be associated with your account.

If another person is sharing an item from your account, you can unshare it from your end. To do this, open the item you’ve shared with the other person, select “More” from the top right corner, and then select “Manage Access”.

You’ll be able to select which people have access to the shared item, and you can revoke access with the X next to their name.

Ultimately, if you’re trying to completely remove an item from your account, select the item, click the arrow next to the share button, and then select “Remove”. This will delete the item and any associated sharing, so it will no longer be associated with your account.

How do I Delete shared Messages on Android?

Deleting shared messages on Android can be done by following these steps:

1. Open the Messages app and select the conversation with the shared message.

2. Tap and hold on the message you want to delete.

3. Select the “Delete” option.

4. Confirm the action by selecting “Delete”.

5. The shared message will now be deleted from the conversation.

If you want to delete shared messages from all conversations, you can do so by navigating to the “Settings” tab in the Messages app. From there, tap the “Advanced” option, then select the “Delete Shared Content” option.

Here you can delete all shared messages from all your conversations at once.

How do I clear my attachments?

It depends on the type of attachment. Generally, the process to clear attachments is quite easy.

If the attachment is a document or a picture, simply right-click on the file and select ‘delete’ or ‘remove’ from the menu. This will permanently delete the file. If you have multiple attachments, you can select multiple files at once and then delete them together.

In some applications, deleting files from within the app itself may also be possible. For example, if you are using a drawing program and there are suggested images, you may be able to delete them from the ‘Tools’ menu.

For emails, it is easy to delete attachments from within the email itself. Click on the email, select ‘more’ and then look for a ‘Remove attachment’ option.

If you are dealing with embedded content in a website, such as a video, audio file, or animation, there is no need to clear the attachment itself. This is because the content is hosted by the website, not by your computer.

However, you can clear your cache (temporary files) to free up disk space and remove any temporary annoying content. To do this, open the settings menu in your browser, select ‘Clear browsing data’ and select the ‘Cached images and files’ option.

Lastly, if you are dealing with a file type or application you do not recognize, it is usually best to delete it as soon as possible to prevent any unwanted consequences.

How to permanently delete shared photos in Messenger on both sides?

Permanently deleting shared photos in Messenger on both sides can be done by following a few simple steps. First, open the Messenger app on your phone or computer. Once the app is open, select the conversation with the person you’ve shared photos with.

Once the conversation is open, you’ll want to delete your copy of the shared photos. Depending on what type of device you’re using, you’ll either click the “Delete” icon (looks like a trash can) next to the photos, or you’ll need to hold down on the photo until the “Delete” option appears.

After this step, you have deleted the photo from your view.

Next, check to see if the other person has the photo in their messages. If the photo is still there, you’ll need to ask the person to delete it from their end. Ask them to open up the conversation and delete the photo in the same manner as you did; either by clicking the “Delete” icon or pressing down on the photo until the “Delete” option appears.

Once this has been completed, the photo will be permanently deleted from both sides.

Can you delete photos sent in Messenger?

Yes, you can delete photos sent in Messenger. When you open a conversation in Messenger on your phone, you can touch and hold the photo you want to delete, then select the trash can icon that appears in the upper right corner.

On the desktop version of Messenger, you can right-click on the photo you want to delete and select “delete” from the menu. You can also delete a whole conversation or clear the entire conversation history if you don’t want to delete individual photos.

After you delete a photo, it is gone and you cannot recover it, so make sure you only delete the photos you no longer want.

How to delete messages on Messenger from both sides all at once?

Deleting messages from both sides in a Messenger conversation can be a bit tricky. To do this, you’ll need to access the “Show All” view in the conversation. To do this, open the conversation in Messenger and then press the three-dot icon on the top right of the conversation window.

Then select the “Show All” option. Now you will be able to see all the messages sent and received in the conversation. To delete every message in the conversation, press the trash icon at the top and select “Delete All.


You will be asked to confirm your choice and then all the messages in the conversation will be deleted simultaneously on both ends. This will remove the messages from the conversation and delete them on both sides.

Why can’t I remove a photo for everyone on Messenger?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove a photo for everyone on Messenger. If a photo was sent to someone, they can still view it in a private conversation; any versions of the photo they shared with other people will also remain visible.

Messenger only allows you to delete a photo in individual chats, not from multiple users at once. Once a photo has been shared, it’s not possible to remove it from everyone’s conversations. However, you can delete the photo from your device, so no one can find it if they search for it.

The best option is to have an open and honest discussion about the photo and the potential consequences of sharing it with others. Ask the recipient to only share the photo with those they trust, and remind them of their responsibility to not share the photo with anyone else.

Does deleting Messenger messages delete it for the other person?

No, deleting a message on Messenger will not delete it for the other person. The message will remain in the conversation, with the conversation thread showing the words “You deleted this message. ” The other person will be able to see the content of the message, but will not be able to see who wrote it.

However, the other person will not be notified that the message has been deleted. For the sender, the message will be completely removed from the conversation, but will still be visible in the Facebook Messenger user’s sent messages folder.

When you delete a photo on iMessage can the other person still see it?

No, when you delete a photo on iMessage, the other person will no longer be able to see it. The photo will be permanently deleted from both of your devices, and it won’t show up in conversation threads.

It’s important to note that you should only send images in an iMessage conversation that you are comfortable with the other person viewing. Once it’s sent, you won’t be able to take it back, so make sure it is something that you want them to see before hitting send.

Can I delete a picture I texted someone?

Yes, you can delete a picture that you have texted someone. When you delete the picture from your phone, it will also be removed from any conversations you have had with other people. However, this may not always be the case depending on the platform you used to send the picture.

For instance, if you sent a picture from your email, the recipient may still have a copy of the image saved in their email inbox. Additionally, depending on the type of messaging platform used, the recipient may have already seen, downloaded, or saved a copy of the image before you delete the message.

It is always advisable to practice caution when sending sensitive images.

Can you delete iMessage on both sides?

Yes, you can delete iMessage on both sides. To delete an iMessage conversation on both sides, you can use Apple’s ‘Erase Messages’ feature. This feature allows you to delete a message or an entire conversation from both devices – your device and the device of the person you are messaging.

To delete a message or an entire conversation, open the Messages app on your device, select the conversation from which you’d like to delete a message or an entire conversation and tap on the Details button at the top-right corner of the screen.

From the Details window, tap on the ‘Erase Messages’ option at the bottom of the screen. Then select the ‘Erase messages from my Device’ or ‘Erase messages and attachments from this conversation’ option.

Once you select the option, the conversation will be deleted from both your device and the device of the person you’re messaging.

How do I delete photos from shared content?

The process of deleting photos from shared content depends on the platform used to share the content.

If you are using an Apple product, you’ll need to go to iCloud. com, sign in with your Apple ID, select the Photos tab, and then select the Shared Album tab to view all the photos you’ve shared with friends or family.

You can then select the photos you’d like to delete, click on the menu icon located on the top right-hand corner, and select “Delete” to delete the photos.

If you are using a Google Photos account, you’ll need to open the app, select the shared album, and then tap on each image one-by-one. After selecting an image, tap the three-dotted menu (located in the top right corner of the image), and then select “Remove from Album” to delete the image from the shared album.

If you are using Facebook, you’ll need to select the photo albums in which the photos you want to delete are located and then select each photo one-by-one. After selecting the photo, tap the three-dotted menu (located in the top right corner of the image), and select “Delete Photo(s)” to delete them.

Finally, if you are using a messaging service such as WhatsApp, you can long press on the image you want to delete, select “More”, tap on the delete icon, and then select “Delete for Everyone” to delete the image.

In short, the steps necessary to delete photos from shared content can vary depending on the platform used, but by applying the above steps, you should have no trouble deleting the shared photos you no longer wish to keep.

Can you delete photos that are in a shared album?

Yes, it is possible to delete photos that are in a shared album. The process of deleting photos depends on the specific platform you are using to share the album. For example, if you are using Google Photos, you can delete photos by using the “trash” button located beside each photo.

If you are using a proprietary sharing service, such as Dropbox, the method may vary, but the process is generally very similar and often includes locating the photo you wish to delete and clicking on a “delete” button or similar.

Regardless of the platform, deleting photos should be an easy process. It is important to note that any photos deleted from a shared album will also be deleted from all members’ versions of the album.

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