How do I delete uploaded photos?

To delete uploaded photos, you will need to go to the page where the photo was originally uploaded. Depending on the website or application you used to upload the photo, there should be an option to delete the photo.

For example, if you uploaded the photo on Facebook, there should be a ‘Delete’ or ‘Remove’ button below or beside the photo when you open that specific photo. When you are sure you want to delete the photo, click the button and confirm that you are deleting the photo.

On other websites or applications, the delete/remove button could be in a different place, but it’s usually alongside the photo. After you click the delete/remove button, the photo should disappear from the page and will no longer be accessible from that same place.

Additionally, if you checked the ‘Save Photo’ option when uploading the photo, you may need to go back to where you saved the photo and delete the saved photo, as the photo has now been removed from the original location.

Why can’t I delete uploaded photos on Facebook?

You cannot delete uploaded photos on Facebook unless you are the original uploader. This is because photos uploaded onto the platform are shared publicly and any user can save a copy of the photo. Therefore, if the photo is uploaded by another user and you try to delete it, it won’t be removed from the platform altogether, but rather the post containing the photo will be removed.

You can, however, report the photo for removal and the Facebook team will then determine if the photo violates the community guidelines and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

How do you Private All photos Facebook mobile uploads?

To private all photos that have been uploaded to Facebook via mobile, you should select the “Privacy” option within the settings of your account. Here, you can select the “Friends” option. This will make your photos visible only to people on your friends list.

You can also select “Custom”, which will allow you to pick and choose who you want to be able to see your photos. Additionally, you can always delete any individual photo directly from your timeline.

By doing this, the photo will no longer be visible to anyone.

How do I move photos from mobile uploads to an album?

Moving photos from your mobile uploads to an album can be done through the Facebook app. To begin, open the Facebook app and go to your profile. You should see a grid of photos you’ve posted. Tap the photo you want to move, and then select the three dots icon in the top right corner.

From the menu, choose “move to another album. ” You’ll be able to select from albums you’ve already created, or create a new album to which the photo will be moved. Once the album is selected, simply confirm the selection.

Your photo has now been moved. You can repeat this process for each photo you’d like to move from mobile uploads to an album.

Where are my Facebook timeline photos?

Your Facebook timeline photos are located in your profile. To view them, first log into your Facebook account and then go to your profile page. On your profile page you should find a section labeled as “Photos” which will have a collection of all the photos you have uploaded to your account.

When browsing through these photos, you may have a few albums, including “Timeline Photos” and “Profile Pictures. ” The Timeline Photos album will contain all of the photos you have uploaded which appear on your timeline.

You can also access these photos from your regular news feed, and you can click the “Photos” tab for a more complete view. From the photos tab, you can view the entire collection of photos that you have on your timeline.

How do I delete an album from Shutterfly?

To delete an album from Shutterfly, first open the platform and log into your account. Then, locate and open the target album that you want to delete. In the upper right corner of the album, there will be an ‘Album Settings’ button.

Click on this button and select ‘Delete Album’ from the drop-down menu. You will then be prompted to confirm your action. Once you have confirmed, your album will be permanently deleted from Shutterfly.

Additionally, you can also delete individual photos from an album without deleting the entire album. For this, open the album and click on the photo that you wish to delete. Then, select the delete option from the available menu.

You will be asked to confirm the action prior to it being completed.

How do I delete an album without deleting pictures?

Deleting an album without deleting pictures can be done in several ways, depending on the platform you are using to manage or upload your photos or videos.

If the photos and videos are stored in an online album from a social media platform such a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you will generally be able to delete the album without deleting the photos or videos inside it.

This can usually be done by going to the album page and removing the album from the list. The photos and videos that were in the album will still remain.

If the album is stored on your computer, then you can typically delete the album’s folder while leaving the pictures intact. This can be done by selecting the album’s folder, pressing the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard, and then selecting ‘Yes’ when prompted.

Doing this will remove the album folder, but the pictures will remain in the same location.

If the photos and videos are in an online cloud storage solution, such as Dropbox or Google Photos, then you can delete the album without deleting the files by simply deleting the album’s folder. When you do this, the photos and videos that were within the album folder will remain and can be moved to a different folder or album.

Finally, if the photos and videos are on a physical device, such as a digital camera or memory card, then you can delete the album without deleting the files by removing the album and not the photos or videos inside it.

This can be done by selecting the album and pressing the ‘Delete’ key, and then selecting ‘Yes’ when prompted. Doing this will remove the album from the device, leaving the photos and videos untouched.

How do I remove a downloaded book?

Removing a downloaded book depends on what device you are using and what book app you are using to download your book. Generally speaking, you can remove a book by going to your book app and locating the book.

Sometimes, this will be in a downloads or library area. From there, you can remove the book by following the instructions in the book app. Generally, this will involve tapping a remove or delete button or swiping the book left and tapping the appropriate option.

If you are downloading books through online booksellers such as Amazon and Apple via the Kindle app or iBooks app, respectively, then you can remove the book from the cloud. Do this by going to your account page for the bookseller in question and going to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.

Here you will be able to manage all of your downloaded books and delete or remove your unwanted ones.

For physical books, you will simply need to remove them from wherever you have stored them. If you have a bookshelf, you can physically take the book and put it in a box or donate it. If it is printed or digital, you can delete any PDF or epub files and delete the book from the device where you saved them.

Does Shutterfly keep your photos?

Yes, Shutterfly will keep your photos stored in your account as long as you have an active Shutterfly account. Your photos will be stored in the cloud, and you can access your photos from any device with an internet connection.

You can also choose to download your photos from Shutterfly so that you have a physical copy. You can also order prints or make memorabilia with your photos for long-lasting keepsakes. Additionally, Shutterfly provides unlimited storage for all your photos, so you can rest assured that your photos will be safe and secure.

With Shutterfly, your photos will be backed up and stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged.

Can you delete photos from iPhone without deleting from album?

Yes, it is possible to delete photos from your iPhone without deleting them from your Album. To do this, open the Photos app, select the album containing the photo(s) you wish to delete, and tap “Select” at the top right corner of the screen.

Then, tap on the photo(s) you wish to remove and tap the trash can icon at the bottom left of the screen. When prompted, tap “Delete [number] Photos”, and the photo(s) will be removed from your iPhone but will still remain in your Album.

Why can’t I delete pictures from my album?

There could be several reasons why you are unable to delete pictures from your album. If you are using any social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram, you may have to delete the pictures from those platforms as well.

Some apps do not allow deleting pictures directly, so you have to go through the app settings to delete the pictures. Additionally, there may be some restrictions placed upon you that may prevent you from deleting the pictures.

For example, if the album was shared with you by a friend or family member, they may have set certain permissions that block you from deleting the images.

In some cases, the pictures could be stored in a cloud that you don’t have access to, preventing you from deleting it. If you have a large file of pictures, it could be too large for you to delete. Therefore, you may need to delete them in smaller batches or purchase more storage space to store your albums.

Lastly, you may be experiencing a technical issue with the website, app, or device that is preventing you from deleting the images. This could include a system glitch, compatibility issue, or a deeper rooted virus on the device.

If you think this is the case, you should reset the device or contact a professional for help.

What is the easiest way to delete a folder?

The easiest way to delete a folder is to right-click on it and select the “Delete” option. If you are using a Mac, you can press the Command + Delete keys to delete the folder. Alternatively, you can open the folder and delete the items inside to empty the folder, then right-click the folder and select the “Delete” option.

Make sure you are aware of the contents in the folder before deleting it, as it cannot be recovered once deleted.

How do I stop Shutterfly from uploading photos?

In order to stop Shutterfly from automatically uploading photos, you must first go to the Shutterfly website and log into your account. Once you are logged into your account, you will need to go to the Settings section.

Once you are in the Settings section, you will need to locate the “Photo Uploads” option and select it. This will open up the Photo Uploads page and you will see the photos that Shutterfly has saved.

You can then uncheck the “Enable Automatic Photo Uploads” box and hit the “Save” button, which will stop Shutterfly from automatically uploading photos. Additionally, you can also uncheck photos individually if you would like them to not be uploaded.

Does Shutterfly automatically upload photos?

No, Shutterfly does not automatically upload photos. You will need to manually upload your photos from your computer or device to the Shutterfly platform. You can use the website or Shutterfly’s app to upload your photos.

Once you are uploading the photos, you will have the option to organize and arrange them into galleries and albums in order to best display your photos to others. Additionally, if you sign up for Shutterfly’s My Photos channel and link it to your other online photo services, your photos can be uploaded and organized quickly and easily.

Can Shutterfly use my photos without my permission?

No, Shutterfly cannot use your photos without your permission. When you upload your photos to Shutterfly, you are giving them permission to use your photos to store, view, and share on their website, as well as make other services available to you, such as their printing service.

Shutterfly also allows you to decide if you want to share your photos with friends, family and the public. You can keep your photos private by unchecking the box next to “Allow others to view my photos” under “Tools” on your Shutterfly home page.

You can even turn off “Quick View” if you don’t want anyone else to view your photos. Shutterfly will never use your photos without your permission no matter how you set these options.

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