How do I manage saved posts on Reddit?

Managing your saved posts on Reddit is relatively simple. To access your saved posts, click the “Saved” icon in the Navigation Bar. This is a heart shaped icon located at the top right-hand corner of the page.

When you click on it, the page that opens up will display all the posts that you’ve saved. The posts are sorted by date, with the most recently saved posts appearing at the top.

You can organize you saved posts by clicking the ellipsis menu in the top right corner of the post. This will offer you the option to organize your saved posts into collections.

When you click on the icon, it will open a sidebar that gives you the ability to create and edit collections and add posts to them. You can also delete posts or collections. It’s also possible to rearrange collections by dragging and dropping them.

This can help keep your posts organized.

You can also share your collections with others by clicking the “Share” button. This will generate a unique URL that you can send to your friends, allowing them to view your collections.

When you’re finished managing your saved posts, click the “Done” button to get back to the main “Saved” page. Now you can go back to exploring Reddit.

Is there a way to organize Reddit saved posts?

Yes, there is a way to organize Reddit saved posts! Reddit has developed a “Collections” feature that allows you to save posts and organize them into collections of your choice. You can create collections within the Reddit app or website and manage how they are organized.

To create a collection, go to your “Saved Posts” page and click the “Create” button. Here, you can give your collection a title and add up to 20 posts at a time. Then, you can move posts between collections, organize them into folders and delete whichever posts you no longer want.

You can also make private collections that only you can access. Plus, you can check out “Collections from the Community” to get ideas and see what others are sharing.

Where are my saved posts?

If you are looking for posts that you have saved on your account, you can find them in the “saved” section. You can find this section on your profile page. Once in the saved section, you’ll be able to scroll through all the posts you’ve already saved.

Additionally, you can also search posts that you have saved by typing in the key terms for the post in the search bar in that section.

Where do saved Reddit posts go?

Saved Reddit posts are stored on the Reddit user’s profile page. To access this page, the user can click their user name in the upper right corner of any Reddit page, which will bring them to their profile.

Once on their profile, all posts that the user has saved can be found under “Saved”. This includes any posts, comments, and links that users have saved. Additionally, this recognizes when another user has saved the post and will indicate this with a definite number next to the “saved” option.

What happened to my Saved Facebook posts?

Your Saved Facebook posts are still available to you, but they are now located in a different place. To access your Saved posts, click on the More tab in the left-side menu of your News Feed. In the drop-down menu, you will see the option for “Saved.

” Once you click on the Saved option, this will take you to a page where you can view all your saved posts. Here, you can find old posts and articles that you have previously saved, as well as create collections from the posts that you have saved.

Additionally, from this page you can search for posts, delete posts, and more.

Does Instagram saved posts take up storage?

Yes, Instagram saved posts take up storage. When you save a post on Instagram, it takes up a certain amount of space on your device’s storage. This amount of space will depend on the size of the file, such as the images or videos included in the post, as well as any other associated files.

The total size of posts saved to your account can add up over time, and if your device has limited storage, it can result in your phone running out of space. However, you can easily manage your saved posts in the Instagram app to delete the ones you do not need and free up space on your device.

Can you see who saved your Instagram post Reddit?

No, it is not possible to see who saved your Instagram post on Reddit. Reddit doesn’t have access to any of your Instagram activity or data, so you would not be able to see who saved your post. However, if your post has been popular or shared, someone may have posted about it on Reddit and you could see the discussion around it, but you won’t be able to track who has actually saved it.

Additionally, even if someone has posted your Instagram post to Reddit, there’s no way to find out who it was.

Can you save Reddit posts in folders?

Yes, you can save Reddit posts in folders. To do this, you will need to create a multi on Reddit. A multi allows you to create a folder in which you can store and organize your posts. Here’s how to create a multi:

1. Log in to your Reddit account and click the multireddits icon at the top of the page (looks like three stacked lines).

2. Click “Create” to get started.

3. Give your multi a name and a description.

4. Select the subs (subreddits) from which you would like to draw posts.

5. Click “Save” to create the multi.

6. To add posts to the folder, you will have to “favorite” them within each sub. To do this, open the post, click the save icon, and select the multi you created.

7. To view your saved posts in the folder, click the multireddit icon again, and select the multi you created.

By creating a multi, you can quickly save and easily access posts in Reddit folders.

How do I organize my Reddit feed?

Organizing your Reddit feed can be a great way to keep on top of the most interesting content on the platform without drowning in a sea of posts you don’t care about. The first step is to subscribe to the subreddits you find interesting.

Subscribing to subreddits you like will display that content in your main Reddit feed, ensuring you won’t miss posts from those topics.

Once you’ve subscribed to some subreddits, you can set up different view options according to your preferences. If you’re a visual person, you can choose to view your feed in “Card View,” which displays each post as a colored card.

If you prefer a text format, you can select “Compact View” to view each post as a text-only entry. You can also use the “Customize Feeds” option to sort your posts by different criteria, like “Most Popular” or “Most Recent.


To further filter your feed, you can make use of Reddit’s options for moderating content. From the “Preferences” section of your account, you can manually block content from any subreddit or user you don’t want to see.

You can also set up different keywords and block any post with those words.

By taking the time to personalize and organize your Reddit feed, you can make the most of your time on the platform without losing track of the topics you like best.

How do I bypass Reddit rate limit?

The Reddit rate limit is a mechanism that limits the number of requests a user can make within a certain timeframe. To bypass this rate limit, you can use a proxy server, which will allow you to make more requests than the limit imposed by Reddit.

Additionally, you can use a third-party application to bypass the rate limit, such as a script or a browser extension. These applications will help mask your IP address and make Reddit believe that multiple users are making the requests, allowing you to bypass the rate limit.

You can also try to wait out the limit imposed by Reddit; if you wait a few hours, the limit will reset and you’ll be able to make more requests.

Does Reddit have a data saver mode?

Yes, Reddit does have a data saver mode. Reddit’s data saver mode is designed to reduce data usage and speed up loading times when browsing on mobile networks. It works by compressing images and text to save on bandwidth.

To access data saver mode, open your Reddit app and tap on the profile icon in the top-left. Under the ‘Settings’ menu, you’ll find an option to enable ‘Data Saver’ mode. This enables the data saver mode on your Reddit app and allows you to browse the site with more speed and less data usage.

Additionally, Reddit has also implemented a new feature that enables you to save data without disabling data saver mode. This feature is called ‘Image Endpoint’, and it allows you to select which versions of images you’d like to see.

You have the option to select low quality, medium quality, or original quality images. With this feature, you can control the way images are displayed on the app, saving even more data.

How do I download a Reddit save?

In order to download a Reddit save, you will first need to have a Reddit account. Once you have logged into your account, go to the post you would like to save and find the “Save” button at the bottom of the post.

Click on this button and you should be given the option to download the post. Depending on your browser settings, you may be asked to confirm the download or place the download in certain folder. Once your download is complete, you now have a saved Reddit post!.

How do I transfer saved items from one Reddit account to another?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer saved items from one Reddit account to another. Reddit does not offer any feature that allows users to do this. However, some Reddit alternative websites may have a feature that allows you to transfer saved items from one account to another, so you could try looking for those.

If you are looking to export your saved items, you can use a third-party app like RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) which will allow you to export your data, including saved items and comments. Once you have the exported files, you can then import them into your new account.

Another way you could attempt to transfer your saved items is to manually copy and paste the items into a Google Docs document, then save the document to a computer and upload it to your new Reddit account.

At the end of the day, transferring saved items from one Reddit account to another is not straightforward, so it is advised to back up your Reddit data periodically so your data is not lost if you switch accounts.

Can you download your data from Reddit?

Yes, you can download your data from Reddit. Reddit allows users to download an archive of their user data. To download your user data, start by logging in to your Reddit account and then click on your username in the top-right corner.

Afterwards, navigate to the preferences tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see a link there called “Request Your Data. ” Click on this link and you will be taken to a page where you can specify what kind of data you’d like to download, such as posts, account activity, comment history, private messages, etc.

After you select what data you’d like to download, click the “Request Data” button and Reddit will generate an archive with the requested data. The archive will be sent to your email address. All that’s left to do then is download the archive and you have access to your data.

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