How do I ship my phone to Asurion?

Shipping your phone to Asurion is easy and convenient. First, visit the Asurion website and enter the device you wish to ship. Next, you will be prompted to complete the Asurion online form with the contact and device information.

After the form is completed, you will be provided with a pre-paid shipping label. You will then be able to print the label. Make sure to attach it to the box you are using to ship; a sleeve, envelope or some other form of packaging is recommended, such as a padded envelope.

Lastly, take your package to the nearest post office and drop it off! Once shipped, the estimated delivery time is one to three business days depending on the type of shipping you choose. It’s that simple!.

Do I have to send my phone back to Asurion?

No, you do not have to send your phone back to Asurion. If you have an Asurion insurance policy, Asurion can usually work with you to repair or replace your device, depending on the coverage included in your specific policy.

They can also provide suggestions to help you troubleshoot any existing issue with your phone. You can typically contact Asurion customer service via their website or by calling their toll-free number.

You may be asked to provide additional information and verification of your identity or account. Depending on the nature of the repair or replacement, they may ask that you ship your phone to their facility or provide instructions to bring it to a licensed repair facility, where an Asurion-authorized technician can repair or replace the phone.

How long do you have to return device to Asurion?

For device returns, you have 30 days from the date the replacement order was shipped to return the original device to Asurion. All returns must be postmarked within the 30-day time period. For accessory only orders, items must be returned in the original packaging, unused and unopened.

All returns must be postmarked within 14 days from the date the replacement order was shipped to return the original item to Asurion. Please note that there are no returns or exchanges accepted on issues related to compatibility or other non-warranty related issues.

To initiate a return, you must contact the Asurion Customer Care team at 1-888-881-2622. When calling, please indicate that you are returning an item for a warranty replacement to receive important return instructions.

What shipping method does Asurion use?

Asurion typically uses a variety of different shipping methods depending on the item being sent out and the end destination. For items sent within the United States, Asurion typically uses shippers like USPS First Class Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground.

Depending on availability, some other carriers like DHL may also be utilized. For international shipments, Asurion will typically use USPS International First Class, USPS Priority Mail, FedEx International, or UPS Worldwide services.

The exact shipping methods used will vary depending on the item being shipped, the location of the sender, and the location of the recipient.

Does Asurion pay for shipping?

Yes, Asurion does pay for shipping. When you sign up for device protection, you are given the option to enroll in coverage for shipping fees or to waive this option and pay your own shipping costs. If you elect to enroll in coverage for shipping fees, Asurion will pay for the cost of replacement and return shipping.

In other words, if you need to replace your device, the cost of shipping the replacement and the cost of returning the damaged device are both covered.

Is Asurion owned by Amazon?

No, Asurion is not owned by Amazon. Asurion is the global technology protection provider with more than 25 years of expertise and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. They focus on designing, delivering and managing the customer service experience.

Asurion’s technology protection products have been available through Amazon as well as over 300 other partners around the globe. However, Amazon does not own Asurion. The majority shareholders in Asurion are funds managed by BC Partners, The Carlyle Group, and GS Capital Partners.

In September 2018, Asurion invested in a series of private equity investments called the Asurion Investor Group.

What to do before you return a phone?

Before returning a phone, it is important to properly prepare and secure the device. Here are some steps to take before beginning the return process:

1. Perform a factory reset: Performing a factory reset on the device will wipe away any and all personal data, settings, applications, and other content. This ensures that all stored data on the device remains private and that the phone is ready for its next user.

2. Remove SIM cards and memory cards (if applicable): If your phone has a SIM card or memory card, make sure to remove these prior to returning the device.

3. Verify the refund or credit: Before you begin the return process, double-check with the store or company from which you purchased the phone to confirm the method of refund or credit you will receive for the return.

4. Verify any additional return instructions: Check to make sure that the return instructions provided by the store or company are up-to-date and accurate.

5. Package up the device: Securely package up the phone, along with all its accessories, and include in the package any return forms or identification requested by the store or company.

With these steps completed, you are now ready to return the device.

How does Asurion send reimbursement?

Asurion will send reimbursement through either electronic direct deposit or check based on the customer’s preference. To set up electronic deposit, customers will need to provide a valid bank account number and routing number.

Once the accounts are verified, Asurion will send the reimbursement within three to five business days of receiving all necessary documentation. Alternatively, customers can opt to receive a reimbursement check that will be sent within five to seven business days.

Customers must provide the preferred name, address and phone number where the check should be sent. Customers can also visit their account page to track the reimbursement process and review reimbursement status.

Does Asurion ship overnight?

Yes, Asurion does offer overnight shipping. Depending on where you live, it may be available as an option. However, there are some restrictions. One of the main restrictions is that overnight shipping is only available for certain types of claims, such as items under extended protection or items purchased within the last 30 days.

To see if overnight shipping is available in your area, you can contact an Asurion representative. Additionally, overnight shipping may not be available for certain parts, particularly if they are out of stock.

In those cases, you may need to wait for the part to be back in stock before you can use the overnight shipping option. Lastly, overnight shipping may not be available during certain peak periods, such as holidays.

Does Asurion give you a tracking number?

Yes, Asurion does provide a tracking number for orders placed in their store. If you have ordered a product through Asurion, you will receive a tracking number via email or text message when your shipment has been processed.

The tracking number will provide up to date information on your package, including when it has shipped and when it is expected to be delivered. With the tracking number, you can also track the progress of your order and ensure that it arrives on time.

What does ATT use to ship phones?

AT&T uses a variety of shipping methods to ship phones depending on the type of phone and the customer’s needs. For express delivery, they typically use UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Standard delivery options are typically UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

If the customer requires special delivery such as signature confirmation or next-day delivery, they can contact AT&T customer service who will be able to assist. When available, AT&T may also provide a choice between payment methods for shipping and handling, such as free shipping or paying a fee for expedited shipping.

Will Asurion steal my data?

No, Asurion will not steal your data. Asurion is committed to protecting your privacy and upholding the highest standards for customer service. They use the latest in data security and encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of their customers’ personal information.

All payments made online use the most advanced 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure the security of your financial data. Asurion also adheres to all applicable laws and regulations governing data security.

They do not sell, rent, or share any of their customers’ information to any third party without the customer’s explicit consent. Asurion also reserves the right to store and use any contact information obtained from customers for such purposes as customer service, marketing, or research.

If customers have any questions or concerns about the safety of their data or privacy, they can contact Asurion or visit their website for further information.

Does Asurion come to your house?

Yes, Asurion can come to your house for some in-home repair services for certain devices. This service is available for select devices that have qualified for the Asurion Home+ service. In order to utilize this service, you have to have enrollment in both the Home+ service and the Convenient Scheduling service.

Once you have both, you can contact the Asurion team to set-up an appointment to have a technician come to your house. The technician will bring all necessary parts, tools, and equipment to complete the repair.

Keep in mind that this service typically incurs additional fees to cover the cost of the technician’s travel to and from your home or business.

How long does it take Asurion to ship a phone?

The time it takes for Asurion to ship a phone can vary depending on the device and the chosen shipping method. It typically takes 1-2 business days for Asurion to process and ship the replacement device.

Depending on the shipping method, which customers can choose at checkout, delivery can take anywhere from 1-7 business days. Asurion may also offer expedited shipping options while ordering, depending on the item and location.

What happens when you file a claim with Asurion?

When you file a claim with Asurion, the process begins with submitting your claim online or over the phone. From there, your claim is submitted to Asurion and an Asurion representative will communicate with you via email and/or phone.

They will provide you with a tracking number so that you can track your claim status.

After they review your claim, they may require you to send in your broken device or the original packaging of the device that you are replacing. This is to verify that you have the correct item and that it meets Asurion’s standards for a replacement.

Once your device is received, Asurion will assess the condition and verify that your claim meets the terms of your device protection plan. They will then provide you with your replacement device or a credit to use for future purchases.

Depending on your device protection plan and your current device, Asurion may also provide you with technical support and assistance in setting up the new device.

Finally, Asurion will provide you with a confirmation email that the claim has been processed, and that your device will arrive in 3-5 days, or is available for pickup at a local store. Asurion claims typically take 1-2 days to process, however, depending on the conditions of your device and your plan, this timeframe can vary.

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