How do you change Kinsect in MH world?

In Monster Hunter World, you can change your Kinsect by going to the Smithy in the main hub and selecting ‘Change Kinsect’ from the Weapon menu. Selecting this will bring up a list of all available Kinsects that you can choose from to replace your current one.

You can filter by Rarity or Element, and the list will display the Kinsect’s stats, such as Dust Effect, Attack, Speed, and Weight. Selecting a Kinsect will immediately equip it, allowing you to reap the benefits of its new stats and abilities in battle.

Note that Kinsects will also inherit the upgrades that you have applied to your old one, so make sure you also look at the stats section to see what has been kept/changed. Likewise, your Kinsect’s name, color, and shape will also change accordingly.

What does charging a Kinsect do?

Charging a Kinsect is an important part of playing Monster Hunter. Kinsects are small insect companions that provide Hunter’s with buffs during battle. When you charge your Kinsect, it temporarily increases the strength of the buffs it provides.

Charging your Kinsect involves using a Kinsect Charge skill, which can be done either by pressing the L2 button, or using a dedicated Kinsect button.

The benefits of charging your Kinsect for the increased buff strength can be huge, especially during longer battles. While the purpose of the Kinsect is to provide buffs to the Hunter, which in turn can help the Hunter battle a monster more effectively, charging Kinsects also increases the power of the Hunters Weapon when the Kinsect extracts elements from a monster.

This effect increases based on how long the Kinsect has been charged, and can last even after the Kinsect has finished channeling the buff onto the Hunter.

Charging Kinsects also changes their attacks, allowing them to fire greater variety of attacks, such as more rapid fire shots. The type of shots a Kinsect can fire also changes depending on the charge, as does their homing abilities.

Overall, charging Kinsects can provide substantial benefits to Hunters and make battles much easier, depending on the charge duration. It is an essential part of mastering Monster Hunter and a key factor in achieving victory.

Can you change Kinsect element?

Yes, it is possible to change the element of a Kinsect in Monster Hunter: World. To do this, you must first reach the fifth star level (Master Rank) in the Kinsect Tree in the Hunter’s Arsenal. You’ll then unlock the Kinsect Element Alteration feature, which will allow you to fuse two Kinsects of different elements together to create a Kinsect with a new element.

You’ll need two Kinsects of at least level 10 to use this feature, and the newly created Kinsect will still have its original max level (up to 15) but will now be of the new element you’ve chosen.

How do assist Kinsects work?

Kinsects are a type of Insect Glaive weapon unique to Monster Hunter: World which helps to elevate the user’s hunting capabilities, as well as provide an exciting challenge when hunting. The Kinsect is an insect-like creature ridden by the player and is used to extract three types of essences from monsters, which can then be used to buff weapons and grant the player various benefits when battling monsters.

Kinsects work by harvesting essence from monsters. When the Kinsect is mounted on the user’s arm, they can fire it at monsters to extract three types of essences; Red, White, and Orange. Red essences provide offense boosts to the player, including increased attack power and affinity, while White essences provide defensive buffs such as increased health, defense, and elemental resistances.

Orange essences offer various special benefits such as increased AoE damage, increased gathering yield, decreased stamina consumption when mounting monsters, and more.

Essences extracted through the Kinsect are then deposited on the user’s weapon, allowing them to establish a “Buff Link” with the weapon which will provide various additional bonuses depending on the type of buff link and the type of essences deposited.

For example, a Red/White/Orange buff link will grant the user increased damage, defense, gathering yields, and more.

In addition to harvesting essences from monsters, Kinsects can also be used to scout a monster’s locations and status effects, as well as to mount monsters and provide aerial combat capabilities. When mounted on a monster, Kinsects can also be used to fire a variety of status effects, such as paralysis and sleep.

With their versatile capabilities, Kinsects can provide the user with a wide array of benefits for making a successful hunt.

How do you mark a target with Kinsect?

Marking a target with Kinsect is one of the most important tasks in Monster Hunter World, as it allows you to deal your highest damage output to a monster. To mark a target with Kinsect, you first need to equip a Kinsect, which can be found or purchased at various Aspirational Vendors throughout the game.

Next, while circling the monster with your insect, aim the reticle at the target to initiate the attack. The timing is important here, as you want to attack before the insect gets close enough to damage the monster.

You’ll know you’ve successfully marked a target when an icon appears around the monster signifying they are marked. After the target is marked, press the button to launch the Kinsect to cause damage to the monster.

With practice, you will learn to quickly and efficiently attack your targets.

What is the Kinsect glaive?

The Kinsect glaive, also known as a ‘bug glaive’, is a type of weapon in the popular Monster Hunter: World game. It is a combination of a sword, spear, and flying insect specifically chosen for its unique properties.

The Kinsect glaive’s primary purpose is to hunt monsters, with its insect companion scouting ahead to find weak points for the user to exploit. This gives the hunter a powerful combat advantage over their unlucky prey.

The Kinsect glaive has a variety of unique features that make it incredibly versatile. For starters, its insect companion will find and extract energy from monsters, this energy can then be used to power up the glaive’s blade to give it special abilities.

The blade itself also has several built-in combos that create devastating and powerful effects. The Kinsect glaive is also equipped with special attacks that can debilitate and damage monsters in a variety of ways, creating even more opening and opportunities for the hunter to exploit.

The Kinsect glaive is an incredibly powerful weapon, and its versatility and unique features make it a favorite among Monster Hunter: World players. With patience, dedication and practice, a skilled hunter can use the Kinsect glaive to take down even the toughest monsters.

Which Kinsect is the MH rise?

The Kinsect in Monster Hunter Rise is called the Aknosom. This Kinsect is a fiery, avian-like Insect Glaive weapon with a unique attack style and diverse set of abilities. It provides you with increased mobility and additional damage from gathering dust from monsters.

The Kinsect has four different colors, each providing different bonuses and abilities to the hunter. These colors are green, red, purple, and yellow. The green Kinsect offers an improved cutting power, the red one increases explosive power, the purple one increases poison-based power, and the yellow one increases paralysis-inducing power.

Besides the stat bonuses each color gives, they can also collect different kinds of dust, which can be used to increase the Kinsect’s strength. Additionally, the Kinsect can be upgraded with materials and can eventually become a titanium version, which grants yet another set of bonuses.

With the Aknosom, the hunter can fly around the combat area and attack the monsters with ranged attacks and boost their mobility, or they can use it to gather resources and inflict damage with its powerful special attacks.

What does flinch free do to Kinsects?

Flinch Free is a skill in Monster Hunter Rise that gives your Kinsect a chance of not flinching when hit by enemy attacks. By having a Kinsect with the Flinch Free skill equipped, it will not be knocked back or stopped in its tracks by enemy attacks.

This can be incredibly helpful for long range attacks, as you won’t have to worry about your Kinsect getting caught in the middle of an enemy attack or moving too far from your hunter. Flinch Free can also be helpful to keep your Kinsect in the air when under attack so it can continue to provide targeted buffs and support with its dust attacks.

Finally, the Flinch Free skill is especially useful in tougher fights to avoid the sometimes deadly interruptions that can come with enemy attacks.

Are Kinsect elements worth it?

It depends on how you plan to use your Kinsect. If you are an avid Insect Glaive user, then Kinsect elements are certainly worth considering. For one thing, they can provide significant boosts to the Kinsect’s attack power and special abilities.

This can be extremely beneficial in certain battles, as elemental damage can be more effective against certain opponents. Kinsect elements also open up new possibilities when building sets and further customizing your Kinsect.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on using your Kinsect much, or if you’re on a tight budget, then you may want to forego the elements. Kinsect elements can be expensive and the improvements may not be substantial enough for you to get the most out of them.

It all depends on how much you plan on using your Kinsect and what your budget is like.

What is a good Kinsect?

A good Kinsect is the one that will best suit your playstyle and farming goals. For maximum damage, look towards non-elemental Kinsects that have high attack, speed, and stamina stats. Anemos Kinsects are usually good for their control, while Neopterons are usually best suited for either gathering or handling a burst of damage.

When it comes to elemental Kinsects, Fire, Water and Thunder (and Elderseal for more experienced players) can all be viable depending on what type of Wirebug Arts you want to take advantage of. Some of the rare Kinsects, such as the White Liver, are exceptionally powerful and well worth the effort to acquire! Ultimately, the best Kinsect is the one that you find to be the most fun, reliable and practical for your playstyle.

Why can’t I upgrade my Kinsect?

Unfortunately, Kinsects can’t be upgraded in Monster Hunter: World as they are not able to be upgraded/enhanced with armor. The Kinsect is a special tool of the Insect Glaive and it is used to collect extracts from monsters that can give the hunter various buffs, such as increased attack, defense, or max health.

Because of this, Kinsects cannot be customized beyond the four models, plus the four elemental variants. The Kinsects do not have attacks themselves, but instead are used to collect extracts that can provide benefits to the hunter.

The only thing that you can really do to customize a Kinsect is to determine which type of element you want it to be.

Can you layer a Kinsect?

Yes, you can layer a Kinsect. Layering your Kinsect means that you can equip one Kinsect to multiple weapons, providing different bonuses and effects to each weapon. It also gives you access to special abilities that are exclusive to certain Kinsects.

To layer your Kinsect, simply select the Kinsect you wish to equip and select the “Layer Kinsect” option in the Kinsect selection screen. Then choose the weapon that you want to equip it to. Each weapon you equip the Kinsect to will provide different bonuses such as increased attack, element power, and defense.

You can use up to three layered Kinsects for each weapon, so make sure to make the most of your Kinsect choices!.

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