How long can we temporarily disable Instagram account?

You can temporarily disable your Instagram account at any time. When you temporarily disable your account, your profile, photos, comments and likes will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back into your account.

Your username will not be available for use by anyone else. When your account is disabled, it will remain disabled for a minimum of 7 days. After 7 days, you can log back into your account to reactivate it and everything will be restored.

What happens if you temporarily disable Instagram for a long time?

If you temporarily disable Instagram for a long period of time, all of your content will be removed from your profile and from the app itself, making it hard for other users to find what they’re looking for.

People also won’t be able to view or comment on any of your existing posts and your profile won’t be visible, although it can still be found if someone searches for you directly. Your followers won’t be able to see any of your posts and your notifications won’t update.

If you currently manage a business account, you’ll lose all followers, insights, and any other associated account information, as well as any ads you were running. All of this will be restored if you decide to reactivate your account again, but it’s important to remember that any content that was previously deleted won’t be available, nor will any of the associated content from accounts you followed or interacted with in the interim.

Will Instagram delete my account if I temporarily disable it for a year?

No, Instagram will not delete your account if you temporarily disable it for a year. When you temporarily disable your account, it will not be visible to other people on Instagram. Your account will remain intact, and you can simply log in and reactivate your account whenever you’d like.

However, if you are inactive for an extended period of time (weeks, months, or even years) your account may eventually be deleted due to inactive account policy updates. Instagram may also delete accounts that have very little activity or those that violate the Instagram Terms of Use.

If you are concerned about losing your information or having your account deleted for inactivity, we suggest periodically logging into your account to show that your account is still active.

Can I deactivate my Instagram account for 1 year?

Yes, you can deactivate your Instagram account for up to 1 year. To do so, you just need to visit the Delete Your Account page and select the “Temporarily disable my account” option. Keep in mind though, that if you are logged in, you’ll need to first log out before proceeding.

Once you select this option, you will be prompted to simply enter your account password and click the Temporarily Disable Account button. Your account will then be deactivated for the duration of one year.

After the year is over, you will be able to reactivate your account by simply logging in normally again.

Keep in mind though, that while your account will be deactivated, other elements like its profile image, bio, and associated comments will remain visible on Instagram. Furthermore, if you change your mind and decide that you want to reactivate your account sooner than the allocated year, you can do so by simply logging in again.

Finally, note that if you don’t come back to your account within one year, Instagram will delete it for you permanently.

How long before Instagram deletes a temporarily disabled account?

Temporarily disabled Instagram accounts will typically remain in this state for anywhere between a few hours to a couple of weeks. The length of time before an account is permanently deleted varies according to the type of offense that caused the temporary disabling of the account.

For example, if the account is disabled for violating Instagram’s terms of use, such as sharing offensive or graphic content, the account may be deleted soon after the disabling. However, if the disabling is due to an account security issue, such as suspicious login activity or fake followers, then the disabled account will typically remain in that state pending investigation by Instagram’s security team.

Ultimately, when an account is permanently deleted, all content associated with it, including posts, likes, comments, and followers, is wiped out forever. Therefore, if your account has been temporarily disabled, it’s best to contact Instagram support as soon as possible to try to have the issue resolved and your account restored.

How long can Instagram temporarily be deactivated?

The length of time an Instagram account can be temporarily deactivated largely depends on the user and how they manage their account. In some cases, an account can be temporarily deactivated for up to 6 months before it is automatically reactivated.

This feature is intended to give users the flexibility to take a break and come back to their Instagram account at any time with all the same content, connections, and settings.

In the event that a user wishes to permanently delete their account, they can do so directly within the platform. If this occurs, the account will be permanently deactivated, along with all the data associated with it.

Any content posted by the user, such as photos, videos, stories, followers, and comments, will also be deleted and will not be recoverable.

Can I get back my Instagram account it was deactivated for 31 days has it been permanently deleted?

Unfortunately, Instagram accounts that have been deactivated for more than 30 days are subject to being permanently deleted. You may be able to contact Instagram and request that they reinstate your account, but this is not guaranteed.

If you cannot recover your account, the next best option is to create a new profile using a new email address. However, please be aware that you will not be able to either transfer or retrieve any of the information from your previous profile.

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