How long does Fortnite take to install on PC?

Fortnite generally takes about 30-45 minutes to install on PC, depending on your internet speed and the number of files needed to download. If you have a slower internet connection, the download and installation process can take longer.

After downloading the required files, install the Epic Games Launcher and be sure to configure your settings to suit your gaming experience. Then select Fortnite and the launcher will install the latest build.

Depending on your device and system specs, the installation process will take several minutes or even an hour or two. Depending on the size of the installation and your storage, you may also have to make extra hard drive space available to ensure successful installation.

Once finished, you can access the game and start playing.

How do I make Fortnite install faster on my computer?

First, make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection. Check to see if you are using the most up-to-date drivers for your graphics card and that your computer meets or exceeds Fortnite’s recommended system requirements.

If your computer is unable to meet the minimum system requirements, chances are the game will take more time to install and may even run laggy or poorly.

Next, close all unnecessary programs and applications running in the background. Your computer’s resources are being used to run these applications, which can reduce system resources and slow the installation process.

If the installation has already begun, you may need to temporarily stop the installation to free up resources and resume it when the system is faster.

Finally, set Fortnite as a high-priority application in your computer’s task manager. This will ensure that your system resources are focused on the Fortnite installation and not being used by applications that may not be necessary for gaming.

Additionally, some users find success with clearing the Windows Store Cache which may speed up the installation process as well.

How big is Fortnite PC install?

The size of the Fortnite PC install varies depending on your platform. On PC, the install size for the Epic Games launcher is about 6. 9 GB when downloading for the first time and about 11. 4 GB when fully installed.

Additionally, the initial download size of Fortnite’s content is approximately 16 GB, but can expand to up to 25 GB depending on updates, season or platform type. It is important to note that the install size may vary if you already have the Epic Games launcher installed, as you won’t need to download extra files.

How can I download Fortnite fast PC?

Downloading Fortnite for PC can be done quickly and easily by following the steps outlined below:

1. Create an Epic Games Account – Before downloading Fortnite, you’ll need to create an Epic Games account. To do this, navigate to the Epic Games homepage and click on “Create Account”.

2. Download the Fortnite Installer – Go to the Fortnite page on the Epic Games website and click “Download Now”. This will bring up the Installer, which will begin downloading the game.

3. Install the Game – Once the download is complete, run the Installer to install the game. Follow the on-screen instructions to accept the License Agreement, set up any desired options, and install the game.

4. Log into your Account – Once the installation process is complete, you’ll be ready to enter the world of Fortnite! Launch the game and log into your Epic Games account to gain access.

These steps will help you to quickly and easily download Fortnite for PC. Installing the game will take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection, but the game should be ready to play in no time.


How many GB is Fortnite PC?

Fortnite is a very popular online video game developed by Epic Games. It is available on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. On PC, the game requires a minimum of 12 GB of storage but can reach up to 20 GB or more depending on your platform, game updates, and other factors.

The game size also varies according to your content and choices, such as the resolution at which you choose to play the game.

For those looking to reduce the size of Fortnite on PC, you can try deleting any unnecessary files, such as old game caches, patch files, and other downloads that could be taking up extra space. You can also try reducing the game’s resolution or graphics settings to reduce its overall size.

On PC, you can typically lower the download size to as low as 8 GB.

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