How to do big air time?

Big air time on a dirt bike is an exciting and unique way to add excitement to off-road cycling. This style of riding is often associated with motocross and require a combination of skill and courage to pull off successfully.

To pull off big air time on a dirt bike, it is important to first understand the basics of the technique.

The first step to achieving big air time on a dirt bike is to master the technique of jumping. First, approach the ramp at a medium speed and let the dirt bike’s suspension do the work. When you are almost to the lip of the ramp, begin to pull the front brake, which will allow the bike to nose up and lodge itself into the jump.

Pull the front brake hard and the bike should become weightless in the air.

Once you’re in the air focus on keeping the bike’s controls neutral and lock in your position providing each hand an even amount of pressure on the handlebars. Stay relaxed and practice looking ahead at your landing area.

Lean forward slightly and watch the front wheel come up and land. When landing, focus on lightly applying the rear brake and using your arms as shock absorbers.

It is important to practice your big air skills on a regular basis to maintain and improve your technique. Start on small ramps with safe speed and gradually increase speed and size for the ramps over time to build confidence and accuracy.

Make sure to check your bike before each ride, replacing any parts if needed, to avoid any potential injuries or damages.

What is the fastest character in Smashy Road 2?

The Mad Scientist is the fastest character in Smashy Road 2. This character was introduced with the recent introduction of the Speed 2. 0 update. His increased speed is significantly faster than that of the other characters in the game and allows for the quickest escape from the police and the most efficient collection of power-ups.

He does this by receiving an additional speed boost whenever he collects a power-up – allowing him to rocket forward at top speed in a matter of seconds. The Mad Scientist has become a popular choice among players thanks to his superior speed, and is a great choice for anyone wanting to quickly and efficiently amass as many coins, points, and power-ups as possible.

How do you get the bunny in Smashy road?

The bunny is a rare vehicle to obtain in Smashy Road. To get it, you can try using the time cheat that is sometimes available. This boosts the speed at which you unlock new cars and can make the bunny unlock faster.

Additionally, some of the other cheat codes can help you unlock the bunny, as well.

If you don’t want to use cheats, then it can take a bit of patience to unlock the bunny. It can be randomly rewarded after completing certain missions, or by accomplishing car challenges in multiplayer.

You can also try unlocking more of the other vehicles in the game. This will increase your chances of unlocking the bunny.

In a nutshell, to get the bunny in Smashy Road, you can either use cheat codes, complete missions, compete in multiplayer mode, or keep unlocking more vehicles.

What does the water jet 3000 do in Smashy road?

The Water Jet 3000 is a weapon that can be used to destroy enemy cars in Smashy Road. It is obtained after eight or nine upgrades in the shop and can be bought for 20,000 coins. It is a powerful weapon that fires a continuous stream of water, capable of penetrating a variety of obstacles and dealing damage to cars in sight.

It can be used to take down cars with a single blast or can be unleashed in a more powerful, full-power blast that can clear out multiple cars at once. The Water Jet 3000 is capable of targeting multiple enemies at once, making it a very effective weapon in tight situations.

It is not limited to just cars either, as it can be used to clear out enemies of all sorts including pedestrians, tanks and helicopters.

Why do the cops chase you in Smashy road?

The cops in Smashy Road are after you because the game is based on a criminal’s journey. You are tasked with completing various objectives while evading the police and any other obstacles along the way.

The cops are always on your tail as they are trying to catch you and put you behind bars. They are always looking for opportunities to get one step closer to apprehending you while you are trying to remain free and complete objectives.

As you progress through the game, the cops will become smarter and faster, meaning that the stakes will become higher and higher the further you progress. You will need to be quick and clever to stay one step ahead of the police and remain free.

Does smashy road end?

No, Smashy Road does not have an ending. The game is an infinite runner, which means that there is no finish line and the game keeps going until you get caught by the police, crash, or run out of time.

You may also continue playing after your vehicle has been destroyed, as you can collect coins to purchase new cars and upgrades. The goal of the game is to see how long you can last, so there is no end to the game and you can continue playing as long as you’d like.

Can any car go on water in Smashy road?

No, no cars in Smashy Road are able to go on the water. This game is based on an open driving environment without any set objectives and the physics of it would not allow your car to traverse a liquid environment.

Your only challenge is to evade the police, but you won’t be able to make it across any rivers or lakes!.

Is Smashy Road 2 for kids?

Smashy Road 2 is not intended for children, as it is a driving action game with violence depicted in the game environment. It is rated as moderately violent and contains cartoon-like violence that includes elements of car chases and characters shooting at vehicles with weapons.

Players can collect coins and weapons throughout the game, with the ultimate goal of beating their previous high score. The game does not feature any age-restricted content, and it is available on various platforms including Apple App Store, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.

However, given the violent nature of the game, we would not recommend it for younger children.

Which Smashy road has guns?

Smashy Road: Wanted for iOS and Android both feature guns. The guns are designed as randomly generated weapons, rather than a set arsenal, to create a higher sense of unpredictability and challenge. These guns can be found in Police Cars, Civilian Cars, and Breakable Cars.

Police Cars contain varying levels of firepower, ranging from low power pistols to powerful sniper rifles. Civilian Cars feature weaker weapons and less ammunition. Breakable Cars, however, can contain very powerful weapons, like Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, and Explosive Mines.

While players can use their acquired guns to escape the police, weapons can also be used against the police, either directly or indirectly.

What is the world record for highest Smashy road score?

As of August 2019, the world record for the highest score on Smashy Road is held by a player known as “Mewnfarez”. This remarkable player managed to achieve an incredible score of 175,303 points, beating the previous record of 174,361 points.

In order to reach this remarkable milestone, “Mewnfarez” utilized strategies such as avoiding detection by the police and illegal vehicles, collecting power-ups and bonuses, and heading to the areas with the lighter traffic.

Additionally, they were able to maintain a steady pace throughout the entirety of their run, continually replenishing their supply of power-ups and ammunition when needed.

Overall, the amount of skill and dedication that went into setting this world-record score is an impressive achievement. As impressive as it is, “Mewnfarez” score is something that can be tied with determination, careful planning, and of course a bit of luck.

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