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Get correct Magento multi level categories page title and canonical url

Hello, I noticed there was a problem with the page titles and canonical urls for multi-level categories pages, for example if I have a category like this: ebook/fiction/general Magento puts a wrong canonical url like this: http://example.com/ebook while it should be: http://example.com/ebook/fiction/general So we need a patch to fix this behavior and I will […]

Magento Export products in custom XML [script]

If you have to export all or a part of your Magento products you can try this simple script which creates a products collection and writes a simple and custom XML file per product (but you can simply change it to write a single long XML file). Hope you enjoy it!

WordPress Query based on Custom Field and Category

Il bello di WordPress e’ che puoi farci di tutto e se il loop di default che ti propone non ti sta bene e vuoi loopare su query personalizzate da te, puoi. Per esempio potreste volere che la query principale riporti solo determinati post basati su specifiche categorie, tags o quello che vi pare, e […]