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Magento: how to create a super fast catalog export for Google Merchant

So you need a script to export your catalog products into a CSV file to import it on Google Merchant. There is a lot of scripts on the net to do this, but the problem with these scripts is, as usual, speed performance. If you have a big/huge catalog you will experience issue on speed, […]

Magento Export products in custom XML [script]

If you have to export all or a part of your Magento products you can try this simple script which creates a products collection and writes a simple and custom XML file per product (but you can simply change it to write a single long XML file). Hope you enjoy it!

Ubuntu: Esportare i contatti di Evolution in CSV o VCARD

Per esportare tutti i contatti di Evolution, il client di posta Linux piu’ diffuso, basta eseguire il seguente comando e otterrete un file con tutto il vostro addressbook pronto per essere importato in qualsiasi altro programma o tool via web (tipo Gmail): Formato CSV: evolution-addressbook-export –format=csv –output=mycontacts.csv Formato VCARD evolution-addressbook-export –format=vcf –output=mycontacts.vcf