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FriendFeed addicted? Try FriendFeed SPY mashup

FriendFeed SPY is arrived! Now you can spy on the FriendFeed public timeline in real time without refreshing your browser, like my first mashup Twitter SPY, it grabs the latest news posted by users on FriendFeed and display them. But FriendFeed SPY does something more because you can autenticate against your FriendFeed account to comment […]

Twitter SPY launched!

Today I’ve launched my first project based upon the Twitter API. Twitter SPY displays the Twitter public timeline in a fancy and addictive way, thanks to Jquery Javascript framework Twitter SPY scrolls new tweets in real time, very web 2.0 :) Twitter SPY also grabs latest url submitted by users and it displays them, I […]

Ajax: Plotting drawing charts using Jquery and Flot

Inanzitutto buon anno a tutti! WassUp, Il mio plugin per le statistiche su WordPress, sta andando molto bene, grazie anche all’aiuto di Helene, siamo arrivati a una versione soddisfacente, ma che lascia ancora molto spazio a nuove caratteristiche che piano piano implementeremo. Al momento sto lavorando sull’aggiunta di alcuni grafici realizzati “al volo” grazie all’impiego […]