What cool things can Bixby do?

Bixby is an AI virtual assistant created by Samsung and integrated into many of their products. Bixby can be used for a variety of tasks including making music or video recommendations, setting reminders, checking the weather, and playing music from streaming services.

It also has advanced features like Face Match, which uses face recognition technology to identify people in photos and videos. Bixby can also be used to help with tasks around the home, such as controlling lights, smart-home devices, or connected appliances.

Additionally, Bixby can read your texts, calendar reminders, and notifications, or even transcribe and record conversations. Finally, Bixby can help with research, with its advanced search capabilities and integrated language and image recognition.

How do I change my Bixby voice to Jarvis?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the voice of your Bixby voice assistant to Jarvis, as they are separate voice assistants. Currently, Bixby is developed by Samsung and performs tasks, such as giving you access to your phone’s settings, checking the weather, and helping you find information.

Jarvis, on the other hand is a premium AI assistant created by Artificial Solutions and allows you to interact with it through voice, text, and visuals. It is designed to understand natural language and to automate tasks associated with daily activities, such as scheduling meetings, managing your calendar, and providing personalized recommendations.

Although both use artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Bixby and Jarvis are not interchangeable.

What is the trigger word for Bixby?

The trigger word for Bixby is “Hi, Bixby”. Bixby is an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Samsung. It is available on select Samsung phones and devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets.

Bixby has numerous features, including voice commands, personalisation, reminders and more. You can use the trigger word “Hi, Bixby” to activate Bixby and begin using its features. Bixby also has its own dedicated button so that you can easily access it on your device.

Can Bixby unlock my phone?

Yes, Bixby can unlock your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 8 devices can be unlocked using Bixby. To unlock your phone using Bixby Voice, simply say “Hi Bixby, unlock my phone”. Bixby will prompt you to scan your registered fingerprint or iris.

Once your fingerprint or iris is scanned correctly, Bixby will unlock your phone. Additionally, you can unlock your phone using Bixby Vision. Open the Camera app and point it at your face as Bixby will immediately recognize you and unlock your device.

Is Bixby always listening?

No, Bixby is not always listening. Samsung designed Bixby to detect a specific wake-up command – either saying the word “Hi Bixby” or pressing the dedicated Bixby button – to activate and respond to voice commands.

Bixby will then launch and record your voice command, unless the wake-up command is not detected. Neither the dedicated Bixby Key nor the Bixby wake-up command other can be activated remotely. Only after pressing the dedicated Bixby button or after saying “Hi Bixby” can Bixby be activated.

This allows Samsung to deliver a smooth Bixby experience while also protecting user privacy. Additionally, it is possible to deactivate Bixby at any time. The settings can be found in the quick settings menu by tapping the Bixby Key shortcut.

Can you destroy Bixby?

Yes, it is possible to disable Bixby or completely remove it from your device. On Samsung’s devices, Bixby can be disabled by following these steps:

1. Go to the Settings

2. Select “Advanced Features”

3. Tap Bixby Key

4. Select “Don’t Open Anything”

You can also uninstall Bixby from your device. To do this, go to Apps & Notifications in the settings, select Bixby, and tap Uninstall. Note that this will only work on certain models of Samsung devices.

Additionally, you should be aware that if you uninstall Bixby, the Bixby Key will no longer function and you will need to use a third-party app to remap it.

Can Bixby swear?

No, Bixby is not programmed to swear or understand swear words. Bixby is constantly striving to create natural conversations with its users and is programmed to respond appropriately to its users. As a result, it is programmed to understand appropriate language and respond in an appropriate manner.

Even though it cannot understand explicit language, it is possible to control Bixby’s settings in order to limit what type of language is accessible by the user. Bixby is designed to provide a comfortable and safe experience for users of all ages.

Can Bixby be used to spy?

No, Bixby cannot be used to spy. Bixby is a voice assistant technology that is designed to help users with their everyday tasks. It is created by technology giant, Samsung, and its purpose is to improve user experience and optimize the use of devices.

It has advanced capabilities such as recognizing natural language, allowing users to ask questions and get answers, creating reminders and alarms, and controlling a range of smart devices. Bixby does not require any user data to operate, and its purpose is not to spy, so it does not contain any spyware or malicious code that would enable it to spy.

Can I give Bixby a nickname?

Yes! You can give Bixby a nickname if you like. The best way to do this is to tell Bixby what nickname you have chosen. You can either say the nickname out loud, or you can type it into the text field if you prefer.

Bixby will then recognize this nickname and respond to it when you call out the name. You can also create custom commands specific to your chosen nickname. For example, you can use phrases like “Hey [nickname], tell me the weather” to get information on the current weather conditions.

Is Bixby a boy or girl?

Bixby is a gender neutral virtual assistant created by Samsung. It is not associated with any particular gender and was designed to be accessible to all users. Bixby is designed to understand both male and female voices, use natural language processing to understand and respond to requests, and answer a variety of questions as well as control other applications and devices.

In a way, Bixby can be seen as being genderless, as it is an AI program that is focused more on understanding the user’s command and responding accurately, rather than having any gender link.

Is Bixby better than Siri?

When it comes to which voice assistant is better between Bixby and Siri, it can be a difficult question to answer. Both services are incredibly advanced and offer a wide range of capabilities.

Siri has been around for longer and has more third-party integrations, meaning it can control a wide variety of services and apps, from payment processing to ride-sharing. It’s also capable of more natural sounding conversations and can answer complex questions in many languages.

Bixby is the new kid on the block but it’s quickly gaining traction and is available on a wide array of Samsung’s devices. It’s best known for its impressive voice recognition, which can interpret commands with much more accuracy than Siri.

Bixby also offers natural conversation capabilities and an additional layer of AI-based intelligence, which helps it better understand complex questions.

Ultimately, deciding which one is better is a matter of personal preference – each comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Whichever one you choose to use, be sure to take advantage of its features in order to get the most out of it.

How do I unlock my phone with voice?

In order to unlock your phone with your voice, you will need to enable a voice recognition feature on your device. This can commonly be found in the settings of the phone. Depending on your device, the feature may have a different name, but they all generally serve the same purpose.

Once the voice recognition feature has been enabled, you will typically have to create a “passphrase” so that the device knows it is your voice that is being used to unlock the device. After this, you will be able to unlock your device by simply speaking the passphrase when the device is in sleep mode.

If you have any difficulties with setting up the feature, your device’s user guide should be able to provide you with more specific instructions.

Is it possible to use Bixby on lock screen?

Yes, it is possible to use Bixby on lock screen. Bixby is a voice-controlled digital assistant developed by Samsung and integrated into many Samsung devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. It can be used on the lock screen to help you access your phone quickly and efficiently.

To activate the Bixby voice on the locked screen, simply press the Bixby button and the assistant will be able to answer any inquiries you may have. Additionally, Bixby on the lock screen can also be used to access basic functions, such as setting alarms and checking the weather.

Overall, Bixby on the lock screen can be used as a handy tool that allows you to access your device quickly and get the information you need without having to unlock your phone.

Why is Bixby not as good as Siri?

Bixby is still a fairly new voice assistant, and is currently limited in terms of what it can do compared to Siri. Siri has been around for much longer, and has had more time to refine and develop its capabilities.

Bixby has only had a relatively short amount of time to work on its capabilities and, as a result, does not yet have the same level of functionality or accuracy compared to Siri. Bixby’s shortcomings are especially evident when it comes to its recognition of accents, as it is notoriously bad at understanding dialects and accents that differ from its own.

Bixby is often slow to respond and it can take a while before it is able to understand more complicated commands. Additionally, Bixby’s integration into other services and apps, such as Spotify or Google Maps, is a work in progress.

All of these factors mean that Bixby is simply not as good as Siri yet, but as its development continues, it could become much better.

What can Bixby do that Siri can t?

Bixby is Samsung’s voice assistant and is capable of many of the same tasks that Siri can do, such as setting reminders, giving basic information and controlling connected devices. However, there are several aspects where Bixby surpasses Apple’s much-loved voice assistant.

Bixby has an edge when it comes to understanding more complex commands, as it can connect multiple actions together. For instance, with a single command, Bixby can search for a certain type of restaurant, display directions, text a friend the address and place a reservation.

It also supports natural language processing, making it able to understand contextual commands and adjust its responses accordingly.

Bixby can also utilize the camera for specific tasks, like identifying landmarks and translating text from another language. It even has the ability to identify images and use augmented reality to provide detailed information.

Another added benefit is the integration with Samsung’s connected home appliances, allowing users to control their TVs and other home devices with their voice.

Overall, Samsung’s Bixby has more diverse capabilities than Apple’s Siri, making it a more comprehensive voice assistant.

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