What does * 86 do on a phone?

* 86 is an instruction used on many phone systems for switching to an attendant or operator. When someone dials *86 or presses it on the phone, the call is automatically diverted to a person trained to answer customer inquiries or technical support questions.

This is a convenient and easy way for customers to get quick assistance with any telephone or cellular carrier related issues. In some cases, customers may have to answer simple questions before their call is transferred to a live operator.

Additionally, *86 can be used as a single point of access to a variety of services, such as directory assistance, account information and more. Although *86 is commonly used with phone systems, it’s also a popular choice among cell phone users, as it allows them to quickly connect with customer service at the press of a button.

Why do I have to dial * 86 for voicemail?

In order to access your voicemail, you have to dial *86. This feature is standard on most landline and mobile phones and is used as a universal access code for voicemail. By dialing *86, you are signaling to your phone’s service provider that you want to access your voicemail.

From there, you will be prompted to enter a passcode which you have likely set for your voicemail. The passcode is generally a combination of numbers or letters and should be something you can remember easily.

Once you have entered the correct passcode, you will be able to access your voicemail and check any missed calls or messages. Depending on your cellphone or landline provider, you may even be able to access a list of your most recent voicemail messages without having to dial *86.

In addition, dialing *86 will allow you to access additional settings such as changing your passcode or setting up certain options for your voicemail.

How do I check voicemail on my Android phone?

To check voicemail on your Android phone, you’ll need to follow a few steps:

1. Open your phone’s Dialer app.

2. Enter the voicemail access code provided by your mobile carrier.

3. Enter your voicemail password.

4. Press the “Call” button.

5. Listen to the instructions provided by your mobile carrier.

6. Follow the instructions to check your voicemail. This may include entering numbers, such as ‘1’ to listen to new messages, ‘2’ to manage settings, etc.

7. Follow the voice prompts to check your voicemail.

If you are having difficulty accessing your voicemail, you may need to contact your mobile carrier for further assistance.

What number is voicemail on Android?

Voicemail on Android devices is typically located in the dialer app. To access voicemail, go to the main dialer page and select the voicemail icon. Usually, the voicemail icon is represented by a letter or an image of a mailbox.

Once you have entered the voicemail page, you may be asked to enter a passcode or password to access your voicemail messages. Depending on the carrier, you may also be asked to set up a voicemail greeting before being able to use the feature.

Upon completion of any setup requirements, you will be able to access the voicemail inbox, where all the old and new voicemail messages left by callers will be stored. From this page, you can play back voicemails, save them, delete them and reply via call, text message or email.

What number do I dial to check my voicemail?

The number you will dial to check your voicemail will depend on what type of phone and service provider you have. If you have a traditional landline phone, you will usually dial your own phone number and press the star (*) or pound (#) key to access your voicemail.

For a cell phone, you will usually press and hold the number 1 key to access your voicemail. If neither of these methods work, you may want to check with your phone provider or cell phone carrier for the correct number.

Additionally, you may also need to provide a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access your voicemail. If you have forgotten your PIN or need to reset it, you can typically do this via your device’s settings or you can call your phone provider or carrier for assistance.

How do I retrieve my voicemail?

Retrieving your voicemail generally depends on the type of phone you are using and your carrier, but the steps are typically the same. If you have an iPhone, begin by unlocking your phone, then press the “Phone” icon.

Tap the “Voicemail” tab found in the bottom right corner of your screen, or the icon of the envelope with a microphone. If prompted, enter your voicemail password. You will be taken to the Visual Voicemail screen, which has a list of voicemails.

Select one to play and follow the instructions on your phone’s screen.

If you have an Android phone, unlock your phone, press the Phone icon and select “Voicemail. ” Enter your password, if prompted. You will be taken to the Voicemail screen where you can view your voicemails.

Select the ones you want to listen to and follow the instructions on your phone’s screen.

If you are unsure of your carrier’s specific instructions to retrieve your voicemail, consult the support page of your mobile phone provider.

What is the voicemail symbol?

The voicemail symbol is typically an envelope, usually outlined in red or blue. It usually appears in the lower right-hand corner of a phone or in the notification bar of a smartphone or tablet. Voicemail symbols can also vary in their design and appearance depending on the phone or operating system, but in general, a voicemail symbol is recognizable by its visual representation of an envelope.

If the voicemail symbol appears on a phone, it can be tapped to access, play, and manage voicemails. On a smartphone or tablet, the symbol may indicate when a new voicemail has been received, allowing easy access to play and manage the voicemail.

Can someone see if you saw a voicemail?

No, it is not possible for someone to see if you saw a voicemail. Voicemail is an audio message, so there is no physical record or tracking system that would be able to verify whether or not it was viewed.

However, the sender might be able to tell if you heard the voicemail message if they have an analytics system integrated with their phone service. For example, some phone services can provide detailed call analytics that reveal timestamp information and other data like whether the voicemail was heard or accessed.

What does a blocked voicemail look like?

A blocked voicemail may look a bit different depending on the service provider, but it typically has some common features. For example, when a call is blocked, the blocked caller may not be able to leave a voicemail message; instead, they will be met with a recording that informs them that the call is blocked and the voicemail message cannot be left.

Alternatively, the caller may hear a busy signal that indicates that the call is blocked. Blocked calls can also appear differently on a phone’s log, as calls from blocked numbers are marked with a “BLOCKED” or similar indicator next to the caller’s phone number or name.

Voicemail messages from blocked numbers can also have certain identifiers that indicate the call was blocked, such as a different greeting or a pre-recorded message that informs the caller the number has been blocked.

What’s the number for my voicemail?

The number for your voicemail depends on the phone system that you have. If you have a landline, the number may be a 7 digit number starting with the access code *86. You can usually find this information in the phone directory.

If you have a cell phone, the number is usually the same as your own phone number, and you will need to setup a passcode to access your voicemail. To do this, look in your phone settings or check with your carrier for instructions.

Is the voicemail number the same as my phone number?

No, the voicemail number is not the same as your phone number. Your voicemail number is a unique number that is associated with your phone number, but it is not the same. Typically, when you activate a voicemail service, a unique voicemail number is assigned to you.

This number is used to set up a voicemail box and access your voicemail messages. It usually isn’t the same as your actual phone number.

Do Android phones have voicemail?

Yes, Android phones generally have a built-in voicemail feature that is usually included in most phone plans. To access voicemail on Android phones, users can typically open their Dialer app, press and hold the “1” key to call their voicemail box and follow the instructions.

Advanced settings can be adjusted to customize the voicemail feature, such as recording or changing greetings or setting password protection for the voicemail. Additionally, with some Android phones, users can have their voicemail messages transcribed directly to their device so they don’t have to listen to the audio file – a great time-saver.

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