What is the maximum number of Sims in FreePlay?

The maximum number of Sims in The Sims FreePlay is 200, although if you want more active Sims you can use the Sim Town Sign to increase the population. The game will start to slow down if you exceed 100 Sims.

You will also find that as your Sim Town gets bigger, the tasks for each Sim become more stretched out and require more time to complete. In addition, the game does limit how many Sims can be active at once, which can make the game play a bit clunkier if you try to control too many Sims too quickly.

It’s a balance you’ll have to find in order to enjoy the game and have a happy, thriving town.

How many Sims total can you have in Sims FreePlay?

In Sims FreePlay, you can have up to 64 Sims total in your town. You can have one family or multiple families of up to eight Sims in each household. You can also have individual Sims living in lots not associated with any family.

You can have a mix of both in your town, as long as it doesn’t exceed the total of 64 Sims.

How do you have more than 10 Sims in a household Sims FreePlay?

In The Sims Freeplay, you can have up to 10 Sims in a single household at one time. In order to have more than 10 Sims in your household, you will need to add extra Sim houses to your town. Each extra upgraded lot can hold up to four extra Sims, so if you add two extra lots, you can have up to 18 Sims in total.

Once you have upgraded a lot to hold extra Sims, you can move Sims into the lot by selecting the ‘+’ icon on the Sim household tab. If you don’t have enough Sims to fill up each house, you can keep some of your Sims in the ‘shared household’ tab.

Here, you can add or remove Sims from the shared household at any time.

You can also add Sims to your main family household by giving them a “Come to Life” potion. These potions can be earned in-game by playing the game, completing goals, or purchased with real money. After giving a Sim the potion, you can move them into one of the houses and give them their own room.

Once you have multiple Sims in multiple houses, you can switch between them by selecting the ‘Switch Household’ icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Here, you can select which household you want to play, and their household will appear on the screen.

Now you can have your own large family of Sims to play with!

Do Sims grow old in Sims FreePlay?

Yes, Sims do age in Sims FreePlay. Over time, your Sims will gradually age from Babies through Toddlers, Children, Teens, Adults and finally Elders. Each age group has its own unique personality traits, interests and aspirations.

As Sims age, they gain experience and unlock more and more items they can interact with. However, players can also choose to age their Sims manually through the options in the game’s Age Up Store. And if a Sim has passed their Elder stage, you can use the game’s Fountain of Youth to turn them back into a Young Adult or Adult.

How long does it take to finish Sims FreePlay?

The amount of time it takes to finish Sims FreePlay really depends on your own playing style, how much time and effort you’re willing to invest, and how much you invest in in-game purchases. If you mainly focus on completing quests and don’t spend any money on in-game purchases, then you can expect it to take anywhere from several weeks to several months to finish.

If you decide to spend money on in-game purchases, then you can expect to finish the game in a matter of days or weeks. Ultimately, the amount of time it takes to finish Sims FreePlay depends on what you’re willing to put into the game.

Can a 12 year old play Sims FreePlay?

Yes, a 12 year old can play Sims FreePlay. The game is rated for ages 9 and up and contains no inappropriate content, making it suitable for all ages. Sims FreePlay is a simulation game that gives players the opportunity to create and customize their own virtual characters, build and design their own homes, and interact with other players in different storylines.

This game allows for full customization that encourages creativity and rewards strategic thinking. Additionally, Sims FreePlay is available on both iOS and Android devices, meaning it can be played on a variety of different platforms.

Can you skip quests in Sims FreePlay?

Yes, you can skip quests in Sims FreePlay. The easiest way to skip a quest is to use in-game currency (Simoleons or Lifestyle Points). You can purchase an item called a ‘Time Monument’ which allows you to skip the quest.

You can also use ‘Time Cheats’ which can be found on the internet. These will allow you to instantly complete a quest and skip to the next one. However, it is important to note that using these cheat codes will not give you any rewarded items or progress with the quest.

They will only skip over it without advancing the story. It is important to note that some quests cannot be skipped at all, meaning you will need to complete them in order to progress. Additionally, using cheats in-game will not give you any achievements or rewards.

How do you finish a quest faster on Sims Mobile?

If you want to finish a quest faster on Sims Mobile, the best way to do this is to plan ahead and make sure that you have all of the necessary items and materials that are required to complete the quest before you start.

Additionally, you can use speed boosts, which can be purchased with SimCash, to temporarily increase the speed of activities in the game. You can also invest Points into the Aspiration progress of your Sim, which, if done properly, can result in a much quicker completion time.

Finally, if you have multiple characters, you can use them to complete quests in tandem. By combining these methods, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to finish your quests in Sims Mobile.

What happens if you don’t finish the pregnancy event on Sims FreePlay?

If you don’t finish the pregnancy event in Sims FreePlay, your Sims family will not have any babies. This means that any progress you made in the event will be reset, and any Sims who were pregnant will not have a baby.

Additionally, any prizes or rewards that were supposed to be obtained after completing the event will also not be received. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep track of how long the pregnancy event has been running and make sure to complete it before it expires.

What is Discovery Quest?

Discovery Quest is an adventure-style video game developed by Ubisoft. It features a magical world where players embark on quests to explore mystical lands and defeat enemies along the way. The game combines elements of both role-playing and action-adventure genres.

Players use the game’s unique controls to equip their characters with swords and shields and battle fierce monsters while they explore spectacular landscapes and search for treasure. Along the way, they also help characters they meet and complete challenging puzzles.

The game features a deep story line, a unique art style and a character-driven experience as players progress through the game. The game also includes an online component, allowing players to play or join other players quests for their own journey into the world of Discovery Quest.

Can sims have a baby without being married Sims Freeplay?

Yes, Sims can have a baby without being married in Sims Freeplay. To do so, select the “Be Romantic” option when two Sims interact with each other, then choose “Try For Baby” once the Sim has reached the relationship stage of “Boyfriend/Girlfriend”.

The player will then receive an alert that a baby is on the way, and that the baby will arrive shortly. Having a baby without being married in Sims Freeplay comes with no additional rewards or consequences, just like getting married.

The only difference is that one or both of the parents do not receive an engagement ring as part of the process.

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