What is the premium service bundle on Metro?

The Metro Premium Service Bundle is a personalized service package created by Metro that includes benefits such as unlimited talk, text, and data on the Metro cellular network, as well as added protection for your device, online backup, and unlimited access to exclusive benefits available only to Metro Premium customers.

It also includes an enhanced customer experience with a dedicated Premium Service Team, who offer personalized support and account management. With the Metro Premium Service Bundle, customers get the most out of their device and their Metro service, ensuring they are always connected.

What is premium handset protection MetroPCS?

Premium Handset Protection from MetroPCS is a device protection plan that helps protect users’ mobile devices against accidental damage, mechanical malfunction, loss and theft. With the plan users get access to fast and convenient unlimited exchanges, quick door-step repair services, special offers, and discounts.

The plan also includes an online store for accessories, a 24/7 claims team, and a convenient app to manage their plans on the go. With Premium Handset Protection from MetroPCS users are provided with the highest level of device protection possible and can enjoy their devices with peace of mind.

How much does MetroPCS charge for unlimited data?

MetroPCS’ unlimited data plans start at $50 per month for one line. If you have multiple lines, you can get an unlimited plan for each line for just $100 per month. With the $50 plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and data usage, plus unlimited 2G data usage while on the MetroPCS network.

You also get access to unlimited international texting, data roaming in Mexico and Canada, and age-restricted video streaming. With the $60 plan, you get all the features of the $50 plan plus hotspot, HD video streaming, VOiP calling and international long distance, and multi-line discounts.

With the $80 plan, you get all the features of the $50 and $60 plans plus unlimited access to the BingeOn feature. This feature allows you to stream from a selection of streaming services without counting towards your monthly data allowance.

So if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable plan with lots of data and features, MetroPCS’ unlimited plans are worth checking out.

How can I get MetroPCS to lower my bill?

If you are looking to lower your MetroPCS bill, there are several steps you can take. The first critical step is to review your current plan and determine if it is really the right plan for you. If you are using more or fewer minutes, data, or texts than what you are paying for, you can switch to a different plan that better reflects your usage patterns.

You may also want to consider changing to an annual plan, as these often offer a lower monthly cost.

Another way to get MetroPCS to lower your bill is to negotiate with a customer service representative. MetroPCS regularly offers promotional discounts for retaining customers, as well as for signing up for a new plan.

If you call customer service and explain your current usage patterns, the representative may be able to offer you a better plan at a discounted rate.

Another way to lower your MetroPCS bill is to take advantage of deals and discounts available through third-party sites. Websites such as Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Slickdeals often offer discounts on prepaid phone plans, including MetroPCS.

This may be a good option if you want to keep your current plan, as the discounts can help you reduce your monthly payment.

Finally, if you travel often, you may want to consider switching to MetroPCS’ international roaming plans. These plans offer discounted rates for many international destinations, making them a great option for frequent travelers.

By following these tips and exploring your options, you will be able to find a plan that works best for you and that can help you lower your MetroPCS bill.

Do you get unlimited data with Metro?

No, Metro does not offer an unlimited data plan. They offer plans with data amounts starting at 500MB per month up to 20GB per month. The plans come with a variety of additional features such as the ability to share your data with eligible family members, a discount on premium content like Amazon Prime and ad-free music streaming.

Additionally, they offer unlimited talk and text, international text and call options, and 4G LTE data. With these plans, you can customize what features you need by adding or subtracting from your plan as needed.

Does MetroPCS offer free upgrades to existing customers?

At this time, MetroPCS does not offer free upgrades to existing customers. However, MetroPCS does offer a continuous cycle of new phone models and special promotional offers for customers who want to upgrade their devices.

Customers who choose to upgrade may be eligible for discounted or promotional phone models, including popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone. MetroPCS also offers other financial incentives, such as discounts on devices bundled with phone plans, or lower monthly prices on new plans.

Customers can always check the MetroPCS website for the latest device offers and promotions.

Does MetroPCS let you upgrade your phone?

Yes, MetroPCS does let you upgrade your phone. When you upgrade, you will receive a new phone and your service plan will be transferred to the new device, as long as you’re keeping the same plan. Upgrading to a new phone typically includes a one-time upgrade fee, and you may also be charged applicable taxes and regulatory fees.

You can upgrade online, by phone, or in a Metro by T-Mobile store. You may also be eligible to participate in MetroPCS’ Device Payment Plan, which allows you to pay for your phone in monthly installment payments.

How do I check my upgrade eligibility in MetroPCS?

To check your upgrade eligibility with MetroPCS, you will need to sign in to your MyMetro account or create one if you do not already have one. Once you are logged in, you can review your account details, check your current plan and view your upgrade eligibility and options.

You can also call MetroPCS’ Customer Care line at 1-888-863-8768 and a Customer Care Representative can explain your upgrade options. You can also check the MetroPCS Upgrade page which shows new devices and plans available in your area.

Additionally, you can visit your local MetroPCS store, where a MetroPCS representative can help you find the perfect plan and phone upgrade for your needs.

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