Which demon door gives you a million?

The Silver Key Demon Door found in the Gypsy Camp in Bowerstone Market in the Albion region of Fable II (Xbox 360) is the only Demon Door which will give you 1 million gold. To open it, you must get married in Bowerstone.

When you have married someone, you will then be able to approach the chest containing the million gold pieces. This is one of the few Demon Doors which will reward you with gold, so be sure to take advantage of it!.

What do you get from the demon doors Fable 3?

When you open a Demon Door in Fable 3, you can receive a multitude of rewards depending on what door you decide to open. Rewards can range from unique items to gold and collectibles. Some doors may even have special quest-based rewards that you can complete.

While the rewards vary, some common items you can find from opening Demon Doors are: rare weapons, clothing, hats, potions, skill books, and gold. Additionally, you can find special furnishings and statues that can decorate your home or castle.

All of these rewards can add up to make for some amazing discoveries when you open a Demon Door.

How to get unlimited money in Fable 3?

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to get unlimited money in Fable 3. While there are some methods that allow players to exploit the game to get more money, they often have unpredictable results and have not been verified.

It is suggested that players focus on following the game’s story and completing quests to earn money. This will provide a slow and steady growth of money instead of risking negative consequences that may come with using unofficial methods.

Additionally, players can interact with the in-game economy by selling goods and investing real estate. Another way to earn money is to find collectibles scattered throughout the game; these often give rewards in the form of money and items.

Finally, players can complete achievement lists to earn more money and unlock bonus content.

How much gold do you need to get the good ending in Fable 3?

In order to get the good ending in Fable 3, you will need to accumulate at least 50,000 gold in the game. To do this, you can earn gold by completing quests and investing in businesses. Investing in businesses is typically the best way to accumulate a large amount of gold quickly.

For example, buying Silver Keys and then using them to open Silver Chests is an easy and fairly reliable way of earning a large sum of gold. Additionally, trading in valuable items and completing several optional side-quests can help you accumulate a lot of gold.

Finally, playing Fable 3 on Xbox Live will allow you to earn even more gold by competing in online tournaments.

Can I open the Demon door without marrying Lady GREY?

No, you cannot open the Demon door without marrying Lady GREY. The door is enchanted and part of a quest in Fable II. In order to unlock the door, you must complete a series of tasks that requires you to marry Lady Grey.

This includes completing various favors for people around Albion, such as helping out a disappointed husband or dealing with bandits. Once you’ve completed all the required tasks, you will be able to open the Demon Door and gain access to the special rewards behind it.

How do you open the demon door in Brightwood?

In Brightwood, the Demon Door is located just northeast of the Brightwood Tower. To open the Demon Door, you must complete the quest “The Templar’s Treasure” or have at least five different Rare Gifts in your possession.

Once these conditions have been met then the Demon Door will open, allowing you access to the treasure beyond. The Rare Gifts can be obtained from using demon doors in other Fable II locations (such as Bowerstone North, Bowerstone Market, Rookridge, Bowerstone Old Town and Oakfield).

Why does the hero of Brightwall need gauntlets?

The hero of Brightwall needs gauntlets for a very important mission. Gauntlets are powerful magical items that can greatly enhance the hero’s powers, allowing them to access previously inaccessible parts of the world.

In particular, the hero needs gauntlets in order to complete the main storyline quests, as they are the key to unlocking the various Gates scattered across Brightwall and its surrounding lands. Gauntlets also offer the hero a significant defensive advantage in battle, as their magical properties allow them to absorb and deflect otherwise inescapable attacks.

Finally, gauntlets can be used to craft powerful equipment, like armour, weapons and potions, which can help the hero complete certain tasks and conquer formidable foes. All-in-all, gauntlets are an immensely powerful and helpful asset for the hero of Brightwall, and are essential to their success in the grand adventure that awaits.

What’s behind the gold doors in Fable 3?

In the game of Fable 3, behind the gold doors is the legendary weapon, The Hammer of Might. This incredibly powerful weapon is a relic from the ancient world of Albion, and has the power to turn the tide of any battle.

The Hammer of Might is only accessible through the use of the Hero Key, a magical tool that unlocks the secret doors. Once inside, the Hero Key activates an ancient mechanism, which causes the doors to open up and reveal the Hammer.

The Hammer of Might is a powerful artifact that grants its wielder incredible strength and strength-based enchantments. In addition to its impressive offensive capabilities, it increases its wielder’s physical strength and provides special bonuses to melee combat capabilities.

In Fable 3, the Hammer of Might can be used to help the Hero fight off the evil forces that are trying to take over the kingdom. Anytime the Hero has the Hammer equipped, it grants them an extra boost when engaging in combat.

Is there a money cheat for Fable 3?

No, there is currently no money cheat available for Fable 3. Money cheats set a fixed amount of gold or coins which you can use to purchase items in the game, but Fable 3 does not have such a cheat. Instead, strategies such as renting property and playing the stock market can be used to rapidly increase wealth in the game.

Additionally, partaking in side quests can reward you with gold, while completing main missions and exploring will uncover hidden treasures which can be used to purchase items or used to complete tasks.

In summary, while Fable 3 may not have a dedicated money cheat, you can use a variety of strategies to quickly accumulate wealth.

What is the strongest gun in Fable 3?

The strongest gun in Fable 3 is the Augmentor, which is obtained by completing the Auroran militia quest-line. This gun is a powerful, rapid-fire crossbow with impressive damage output. Its shots can penetrate enemy shields and armor, and it can even cancel certain enemy spells.

The Augmentor has a base damage rating of 129 and a fire rate of 11 shots per second. It’s one of the only guns in Fable 3 with an elemental infusion, giving it the power to do extra damage against certain dark creatures such as trolls and demons.

In addition, its Quickfire mechanism allows it to be fired and reloaded almost instantly. This, coupled with its impressive damage output, makes the Augmentor the strongest gun in Fable 3.

Can you get STDs in Fable 3?

No, you cannot get STDs in Fable 3. Fable 3 is a single-player role-playing game released in 2010, developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is the third game in the Fable series and does not feature any sexually explicit content.

As with any RPG game, the objective is to build a character and to adventure around the world. Players can customize their character and make decisions that affect the in-game world. As a result, the game does not feature any sexually explicit content, which would be necessary to contract any form of STD.

How much money do you need in Fable 3 to save everyone?

In Fable 3, you will need roughly 10 million gold pieces in order to save everyone from their various perils and hardships. To obtain this gold, you will need to complete various quests, explore the world, and invest in buying and selling items.

You will also need to complete several other tasks such as completing all of the jobs, taking on new ones, killing enemies and buying items from vendors. To save everyone, you will also need to purchase upgrades for the monarch including renovating buildings, buying weapons, and improving your kingdom.

Additionally, you will require the help of allies to overcome each challenge you face on your mission to save everyone while battling Lex Luther and his henchmen. If you are ever in doubt or struggling to reach the total, you could always choose to buy gold from merchants or play the stock market game in town.

How do I get the key to bowerstone market?

To get the key to Bowerstone Market, you will first need to complete the quest “The Hero of Strength” and obtain the Silver Key from the chest at the end of the quest. Once you have the Silver Key, you must take it to the Bowerstone Market guard tower and speak to the guard there.

He will tell you that he lost his key and offer to trade it for yours so that he can open the gate. Make the trade and he will give you the Key to Bowerstone. The Bowerstone Market Key is unique and can be used to unlock the entrance gate to the city.

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