Who did Android 17 beat?

Android 17, originally named Lapis, was a character featured in the Dragon Ball series. He is the twin brother of Android 18 and works as an enthusiatic park ranger. He first appeared in the Cell Games as part of Dr.

Gero’s humanoid androids created from the DNA of various fighters. He was initially defeated by Vegeta, but during the Tournament of Power, Android 17 manages to overwhelm Jiren in the tournament and serve as the final and decisive blow, securing victory for the Universe 7 team.

In the final episode of Dragon Ball Super, he is seen protecting the Earth from an asteroid alongside his sister and, later, attending the tournament’s banquet.

Who defeated Android 17 in Dragon Ball Z?

In the Dragon Ball Z series, Android 17 was defeated by Gohan after dramatically increasing his strength through the Mystic transformation granted by the Elder Kai. After increasing his power to its full potential, Gohan was able to overpower Android 17 and eventually defeat him in a long-drawn-out battle.

During the final clash between Gohan and the powerful Androids, Android 17 put up a valiant effort and proved to be a formidable opponent but ultimately failed against Gohan’s newfound power. After Android 17’s defeat, he and his twin sister Android 18 were eventually captured by the Galactic Patrol and taken to the outskirts of the galaxy where they would be placed in an intergalactic prison.

Who is stronger Android 17 or 18 in DBS?

Android 17 and Android 18 are both powerful androids in the Dragon Ball Super (DBS) universe. While they were both created by Dr. Gero, they possess unique abilities and skills that set them apart from each other.

In terms of sheer strength, Android 17 may be the stronger contender when compared to his sister Android 18.

Android 17 has the ability to absorb energy from the environment, allowing him to increase his power to a formidable level. However, he has some limitations to this ability as he can only absorb a certain amount of energy at a time.

Additionally, in Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 is seen using Power Impulse and Flash Cannon, two incredibly powerful attacks that require a great deal of energy for successful execution. Both of these attacks give Android 17 an edge over his sister when it comes to strength.

Android 18, on the other hand, only has access to a few energy-based attacks, such as Hell Flash and Rolling Bomber. While both attacks can indeed be potent, they generally don’t do as much damage as Android 17’s moves.

Additionally, Android 18 lacks the ability to absorb and enhance her power, meaning she can’t surge to the heights of power that Android 17 can.

Ultimately, Android 17 is the stronger android when compared to his sister Android 18. While both androids are powerful, Android 17’s ability to absorb and manipulate energy gives him an edge in terms of raw strength.

Additionally, his maneuvers such as Power Impulse and Flash Cannon boast formidable force when executed correctly, giving him a powerful advantage over Android 18.

Who can defeat Jiren alone?

As it is impossible to determine who could defeat Jiren alone. Jiren is an immensely powerful warrior from Universe 11 and is the strongest character in the Dragon Ball universe. He has demonstrated an immense level of power and an immense level of resiliency, even being capable of taking on many of the Universe 7’s most powerful combatants at once.

He also has access to techniques that many of the other characters do not possess, such as his powerful meditation techniques and his formidable Ki manipulation.

That being said, there were moments in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power arc that did showcase how powerful some of the other characters were against Jiren. It is suggested that if either Goku or Frieza managed to unlock their true potential, they could prove a challenge for Jiren.

However, it is highly unlikely that either of them could defeat him alone. On the other hand, characters such as Gohan, Vegeta, and even Androids 17 and 18 managed to push Jiren beyond his limits when they fought him in a group.

Ultimately, it is impossible to state definitively who could defeat Jiren alone, since it depends heavily on the given situation and the individual character’s power levels. Additionally, Jiren is a powerful and unpredictable opponent, so there is no guarantee that anyone could defeat him alone.

Can Android 17 beat Goku Ultra Instinct?

No, Android 17 is no match for Goku Ultra Instinct (UI). UI is a form that Soapom has achieved which gives them a power up and makes them stronger than their base form, allowing them to react and attack instinctively with clarity and precision.

It also grants them tremendous speed and precision, making them more dangerous and difficult to fight. Goku’s UI form is substantially more powerful than Android 17, while Android 17 is still a powerful warrior in his own right, he is still significantly outmatched by Goku’s UI form.

Goku has shown an ability to control the power and use it with ease in battle, while Android 17 is far less experienced in this field and couldn’t hope to compete against such a powerful opponent.

How did Jiren get defeated?

Jiren was defeated by a powerful combination attack from Vegeta, Goku, and Frieza. Vegeta and Goku began by attacking Jiren together, but when their attacks had no effect, Frieza stepped in with his Golden Death Ball attack.

Jiren was able to deflect it and launch a full power blow at all three of them, only for Vegeta to counter it with a Final Flash, Goku to boost Frieza’s Death Ball into an even bigger attack, and then all three of them combining their attacks into an incredibly powerful Kamehameha wave.

This combination attack was too much for Jiren to overcome, and he was forced to use the last of his energy to contain the assault before crumbling to the ground defeated.

Is Android 17 stronger than Jiren?

It is difficult to definitively answer whether Android 17 is stronger than Jiren due to the number of different factors that affect the power levels of these characters. It largely depends on which version of Android 17 and Jiren are being compared.

In Dragon Ball Super, both characters have shown immense levels of power and strength, with Jiren being particularly powerful during the Tournament of Power. Android 17 was also able to defeat Kefla and eliminate her from the tournament, which is a testament to how strong he is.

Ultimately, we can’t say which of the two characters is definitively stronger as it will depend on the context in which they fight and the version of the characters that are compared.

Did Jiren’s universe get destroyed?

No, Jiren’s universe did not get destroyed. At the end of the Tournament of Power, the losing universes were erased, but the fate of Jiren’s universe was left unknown. After the tournament, the winning universe Team Universe 7, recovered pieces of all the erased universes, including Jiren’s.

They used the Super Dragon Balls to restore the erased universes of the other teams. It is also likely that the Grand Priest’s intervention is what saved Jiren’s universe from being erased. It is unclear exactly what happened to Jiren’s universe afterwards but it is known that it was not destroyed.

How does Android 17 win the Tournament of Power?

Android 17 wins the Tournament of Power by outlasting his opponents and ultimately being the last warrior standing. During the tournament, Android 17 enacts a plan to knock out most of the participating fighters.

His strategy revolves around trapping his opponents in an energy barrier that takes away their energy and leaves them unable to fight. Additionally, Android 17 is aided by his sister Android 18’s energy blasts, which are powerful enough to knock out even the strongest competitors.

Thanks to his impressive strategic skills, Android 17 is able to deplete the other fighters’ energies and become the last man standing. In the process, he also proves himself to be an immensely powerful and capable warrior.

Consequently, he is able to emerge as the victor of the Tournament of Power.

Why Android 17 is the MVP?

Android 17 is the MVP because of the many amazing contributions he has made to the Dragon Ball series. He is a powerful character, who has always been a force to be reckoned with. He has participated in many dangerous battles, often taking on opponents that are much stronger than him and emerging victorious.

Android 17 also has a number of unique abilities that make him stand out from other characters in the series, such as his infinite energy capacity, the ability to absorb energy attacks, and a wide array of techniques that make him extremely versatile in combat.

He is also incredibly brave, often putting himself in danger to protect his loved ones and fight for justice. Android 17 also has a strong bond with his siblings, Android 18 and Android 16, which forms a bond of loyalty and trust between them.

His dedication and selflessness have earned him the reputation of being one of the strongest and most reliable characters in the entire series. For all of these reasons and more, Android 17 is undoubtedly the Most Valuable Player of the Dragon Ball franchise.

How did 17 survive the top?

17 was able to survive the top by relying on guidance and assistance from those around him. He was fortunate to have a strong support system that was able to provide him with guidance, resources, and encouragement.

Additionally, 17 was able to stay positive and focused on his goals and dreams despite the difficult transition from high school to college. He was able to persist through difficult and challenging times due to the support he received from his friends and family.

Furthermore, 17 was also determined to use the resources around him to better himself, such as visiting the library, signing up for tutoring, and attending student organizations on campus. Finally, 17 was able to keep going during the difficult transitional period by reminding himself that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s important not to let failure define him.

By utilizing these key strategies and having the support he needed, 17 was able to successfully stay afloat and reach the top.

Who eliminates Jiren?

The character who ultimately eliminates Jiren in the tournament of power is Goku. After landing a powerful uppercut, Goku is able to shock the powerful fighter Jiren and exhaust his immense energy reserves.

It takes the combined effort of several other warriors (including Android 17, Vegeta, and Frieza) to lend their power to Goku in order to finally defeat Jiren. The incredibly powerful warrior is ultimately defeated in an epic battle by Goku’s Spirit Bomb, allowing him and the rest of Universe 7 to claim victory in the tournament of power.

How strong is DBS 17?

DBS 17 is an extremely sturdy steel alloy with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. It can withstand extreme temperature ranges and is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a great choice for applications in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

In terms of tensile strength, DBS 17 is rated at 815 MPa, which is fairly strong compared to other alloys in its class. Additionally, its yield strength is 590 MPa, which is even more impressive considering its lightweight design.

DBS 17 also offers outstanding impact strength, which makes it ideal for parts that undergo extreme temperature changes or stress levels. When considering its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, DBS 17 is a great choice for those looking for an alloy with a strong performance.

Is Android 21 a villain?

Android 21 is a mysterious character from the “Dragon Ball FighterZ” video game released in 2018. While her true identity and motivations are not known, she is generally considered to be a villain due to her actions in the game.

She was created by Dr. Gero, the same scientist who created Cell and the other Androids of the series. She has little to no sympathy for her opponents, and often uses her powerful robotic body to mercilessly defeat them.

She also has a hunger for energy which leads her to absorb the souls of her enemies in order to power herself. In addition, she also absorbs the bodies of her opponents and uses them as her own. All of this points to her being a villain, although her true motives are unknown.

Why was 17 evil in GT?

17 was labelled as evil by the characters of Dragon Ball GT due to his incredibly powerful and dangerous fighting skills. 17 was an android created by Doctor Gero, who had also created Android 16, as well as several others.

17’s immense strength, speed and intelligence made him a powerful foe, and his ability to absorb energy and use it to increase his own power made him an even greater threat. 17 had no mercy for anyone he fought, and initially, he even refused to join the Z Warriors in their fight against the evil forces of Baby and later Super 17.

17’s evil side was further exemplified by his desire to challenge and seek out powerful opponents and his sinister personality. Ultimately, it was 17’s sheer power and willingness to use it against anyone that led to him being labelled as evil in Dragon Ball GT.

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