Why is SoundCloud not letting me upload?

There are a variety of reasons why SoundCloud might not be letting you upload, depending on the exact issue you’re facing. It could be that you have reached your upload limit, or that the files you’re attempting to upload don’t meet SoundCloud’s specifications.

It could also be that the server is having technical issues, or there may be a glitch with the website.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to check out SoundCloud’s help page and search for information related to your problem. If that doesn’t help, you should contact SoundCloud’s customer service team, who should be able to assist you with getting your uploads working.

What is the upload limit on SoundCloud?

The upload limit for Basic (free) users on SoundCloud is 3 hours and 30 minutes of audio. Pro Unlimited users do not have any limitations on the length of audio files they upload, as well as how many audio files they can upload.

Pro Unlimited users also have access to exclusive features such as track stats, analytics, an advanced comments system, and custom branding. All content creators, regardless of whether they are Basic or Pro Unlimited subscribers, can upload high-quality audio and all membership plans allow audio files up to 5GB in size.

Why do I keep getting loading error on SoundCloud?

It can be frustrating when you keep getting loading errors on SoundCloud. And it can be difficult to identify the exact reason.

One cause could be an outdated web browser. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version, then try reloading the page. If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or installing a different browser.

Another possibility is a connection issue. Make sure you’re connected to a reliable WiFi or cellular connection with adequate speed. You could also try restarting your router or device to reset the connection.

You may also be experiencing a temporary issue on SoundCloud’s end. If you are receiving the same error for a prolonged period of time, it’s best to contact the SoundCloud support team for assistance.

Is NSFW allowed on SoundCloud?

No, SoundCloud does not allow content that is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). SoundCloud considers content that is sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise may be considered offensive to other users not appropriate for their platform and strictly prohibits this type of content.

This includes content that could be interpreted as encouraging or condoning behaviour or actions considered to be potentially objectionable or unethical. Additionally, comments that are judged to be offensive or that contain inappropriate language or discussion are restricted and may be removed or even punished.

Why do schools block SoundCloud?

Schools block SoundCloud for a variety of reasons, primarily out of concern for the safety of their students and their use of the internet. SoundCloud is a platform that allows users to upload, record, and share audio files, including music and podcasts.

While many of the audio files available on SoundCloud are appropriate and harmless, there is also potential to access inappropriate or offensive content. Additionally, SoundCloud generally offers unrestricted access, meaning that students could use it to access sites and resources they should not have access to while using a school network.

To protect student safety, schools will often block SoundCloud, as well as other popular music streaming services, social media platforms, and potentially dangerous websites. This helps schools to create a safer, more productive learning environment where students can focus on their studies without distractions or potential risks.

Can privates be seen on SoundCloud?

Yes, private tracks on SoundCloud can be seen. When a track is made private, only people with a link to the track can access it, meaning it won’t show up in search results or in the stream of users who don’t have the link to the track.

Only the person who uploaded the track and anyone they share the link with can view the track. In order to access private tracks, people with the link can click on the link to the track and then click on “confirm” in order to gain access.

Can a 13 year old have SoundCloud?

Yes, 13 year olds can have SoundCloud accounts. To create an account they must first have parent or guardian consent. Once the parent or guardian has given their consent, the 13 year old must provide personal information such as their name, date of birth, and email address.

SoundCloud’s Terms of Service require this information so that the site can protect itself from fraudulent activities.

Once an account is set up, users can upload and share content, find new artists and music, and communicate with other SoundCloud users, however, parental control settings can be put in place. Users can visit their account’s Privacy Settings menu to set various restrictions, such as requiring content to be reviewed before being released to the public and disabling comments and Conversation.

Regardless of the privacy settings, all SoundCloud users aged under 18 are subject to age-appropriate content filters created by SoundCloud. These filters help keep young minds protected from inappropriate or explicit materials.

SoundCloud also has its own parental guidance system that is designed to monitor the activities of users who are aged 13 to 17 and remove any content that would not be suitable for them to access.

Does SoundCloud limit volume?

SoundCloud does not have a limit on the volume that you can upload. However, when it comes to playing tracks back, there are a few considerations. First, playback of tracks is limited to -0. 4 dB for safety reasons.

SoundCloud also compresses audio to a bitrate of 128Kbps and takes into account the loudness standards for a variety of streaming services. Additionally, users can regulate the playback volume from the track page.

Overall, SoundCloud does not limit the volume of tracks, but it can affect the way your track will sound during playback.

Does SoundCloud limit how many songs you can like?

No, SoundCloud doesn’t limit how many songs you can like. Every song available on SoundCloud can be liked separately, so you can like as many of them as you want. In addition, you can also like individual comments that have been posted on the page along with the song.

However, keep in mind that your likes are visible to others if you have a public account, so if you’re not sure whether you should like a song or comment or not, you can always keep your likes private.

Is there a limit to how many songs you can have on a SoundCloud playlist?

Yes, there is a limit to how many songs you can have on a SoundCloud playlist. The maximum number of songs allowed per playlist is 5 hours of audio or 250 songs, whichever comes first. On the free version of SoundCloud, a single user is limited to 200 minutes or 10 hours of audio uploaded, so having a short playlist may be more beneficial for users who are close to the upload limit.

Additionally, users with a Pro or Pro Unlimited plan now have access to a larger maximum for tracks in each playlist which is currently at 10 hours of audio or 500 songs.

Why does SoundCloud have a track limit?

SoundCloud has a track limit in order to keep the platform clean and organized for its users. Having a track limit prevents users from spamming the platform with too many tracks and keeps it easier to navigate.

Additionally, it allows users to vet their tracks and make sure they are the best quality possible before uploading them. Furthermore, having a track limit prevents users from flooding the system with low quality, unfinished music.

Lastly, the track limit ensures that users are able to put their best music out there and uplift other creators’ work. This leads to a higher level of engagement, listening, and creating which is beneficial for everyone involved with SoundCloud.

Why does SoundCloud keep removing songs?

SoundCloud is an audio platform that allows users to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds. They have a zero tolerance policy towards copyright infringement, so if they deem a song to be breaching their copyright guidelines then they will remove it.

Additionally, SoundCloud may remove songs if they are flagged as inappropriate or violate their Terms of Service (TOS) in some way.

SoundCloud also provides reporting tools which enable members of the community to flag content for review if they believe it breaks their guidelines. As such, SoundCloud actively monitors reports of copyright infringement and Terms of Service violations from its users in order to maintain a safe and legal environment for members of its community.

Ultimately, SoundCloud’s priority is to ensure users can safely access the music and audio they need, so they take any necessary measures to protect their user’s rights, including removing songs that may not adhere to their copyright guidelines or TOS.

Why can I only listen to 30 seconds on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud offers a certain amount of listening time that’s limited to 30 seconds on any given track. This limitation is to protect copyright laws, as longer listens may not meet the requirements of that law.

Additionally, SoundCloud encourages users to purchase tracks they love in order to fully enjoy them. By offering a 30 second limit, it entices users to pay for the track to access the full length version.

Finally, this limitation also prevents excessive streaming to protect the artist’s profits. By limiting the length of listens, SoundCloud is helping to foster a fair music market for the artist and their fans.

Why do songs get removed?

Songs can get removed or taken down for a variety of reasons. These can include copyright infringement, explicit content, or licensing issues. With the advent of streaming music, many record labels and artists want to maintain control over the distribution of their music and may not permit it to be streamed or distributed in certain locations.

Additionally, if a song contains content that breaks the terms of a streaming service, such as explicit language, it can be taken down from that platform. If a song is found to infringe on existing copyright, it can be removed from streaming services for fear of legal reprimand.

Ultimately, the decision to remove a song can be up to a variety of factors, so it’s imperative that people stay informed and adhere to streaming services’ terms and conditions.

Why do songs randomly become unavailable?

Songs can become unavailable for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, the rights holders, like the artist or publisher, take the song down from certain platforms. The song might also be taken down in a certain country, while still being available in others.

Additionally, the rights holders may have stopped issuing licenses or the license may have expired, requiring it to be taken down.

Rarely but sometimes, technical issues that arise with a song’s delivery may result in it being unavailable, as well as data removing a song due to irregularity. Finally, there’s a possibility that the song was just a limited release, or the label may have changed its release strategy, making it unavailable after a certain duration.

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