7 Useful WordPress Website Design Plugins

It will be extremely flawed if you ignore the plugin installation when designing WordPress website. In case you do not know the code for web programming, choosing the right and sufficient plugins will help increase the performance of your website, improve the maximum, increase the security and ultimately help optimize about SEO work. There are many plugins and you are forced to choose exactly which one you need. 

There are plenty of handy plugins in the WordPress framework which reduce lots of work on your part. The official plugin repository has over 55,000 WordPress plugins and counting. That means there are plugins for almost every function or feature you need on your website. Beside, You’ve just spent thousands of dollars, countless hours, and have had more organizational nightmares than you’d care to admit or you are looking for the best place to write articles that most people interested in technology will find interesting and hopeful educational, you can learn about Michelem.org. Michelem.org is created to run a decent and respectable blog where people will feel at ease, at home – like on their own patio. In addition, Technology is the combination of  tech gadgets, technologies, computers, Internet etc., and patio which is a place you can enjoy relaxing – even sometimes with a piece of tech. 

In this article, I will mention the necessary plugins that you should use for your WordPress website.

1 .WP Rocket

This is a paid plugin that allows users to create caches that improve website acceleration. If you are using a WordPress blog and you are looking to improve the speed of your website, then WP Rocket is a better option.

Equipped with the main features of the premium version of WP Rocket (2017) including: how to create page caching, pre-cache downloads, download images according to your needs, compress and decompress HTML, CSS files, JavaScript and many other optimization options for you to explore.

2 .Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is often referred to as one of the most important and popular WordPress plugins available today. They help optimize the onpage SEO work for your website in the most comprehensive way. Yoast SEO was born and developed by Team Yoast from 2010 to the present.

Yoast SEO currently has 2 free and paid versions for you to choose to use. In the paid version, you will be equipped with some other advanced features such as redirect, XML sitemap, which can help you optimize 5 keywords per article, content insights, internal linking suggestions, redirect manager, and accompanied by a number of other features. This is a very quality plugin that you should use.


WP AMP is equipped with an extremely fast page loading feature that will give mobile websites abbreviated (AMP) the fastest loading speed. With WP AMP you will only need a few clicks to make your website mobile-friendly.

AMP HTML is Google’s open source plugin, provided to provide optimized content for mobile phones and you can download immediately even if the internet connection is slow. Google has also stated that AMP-compliant websites will greatly benefit ranking in Google’s search results.

4 .Kk Star Ratings

Kk Star Ratings is a plugin that helps display 5-star ratings to increase user interaction in each post or page. With just one click, users can evaluate the quality of the article in a very simple way. Besides, these reviews also support schema.org scripts to help google easily identify and quickly display search results on the toolbar.

Key features: 5-star rating on posts, easy customization anywhere like homepage, article archive, display google search ranking.

5.Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms features a contact form generator, which is the best free plugin for designing WordPress websites. You only need a few minutes to build the tables, just use simple drag samples you will quickly create products. For newbies, the installation is so quick that you may not need to know the code. For developers who use features like hooks, filters or even custom Ninja Forms field templates to do a lot of work at every step of building the form.

Key features: creating contact forms for websites, custom email and HTML…

6 .iThemes Security Pro

This is a security plugin for WordPress. You do not need to be a cyber security expert to protect your WordPress website. Just install Security Pro, your website will be protected in the best way.

Security Pro creates an additional layer of protection, helping your site to be absolutely safe against threats from bad guys. The main functions include: block users intentionally access unauthorized pages, backup data, detect file changes.

7 .WooCommerce

A plugin that helps you build and design a free e-commerce website so you can sell whatever you want. Integration with WordPress makes it smoother. WooCommerce is the favorite choice for e-commerce websites.

Key features: creating an online sales page, integrating an online payment system, complete control of the user and many other advanced features.

Save Time and Money With WordPress Plugins Special Coupon Codes

People are always on the lookout for a discount, coupon code, or exclusive deal. And, it is no different when it comes to those visiting your online shop. In fact, the stigma that coupons are only for stay-at-home moms with tons of time on their hands, poor people looking to save a buck, or the elderly grandma that wants to save a few cents on a loaf of bread are wrong.

Because the opportunity of saving a few bucks could lead to more sales, implementing one or multiple WordPress coupon code plugins could be a game-changer for your online business.And, since coupons are still a driving force behind consumer loyalty, it is important that you implement this strategy into your eCommerce shop and provide your customers just what they want – a way to save money.

Providing coupons and discounts to your site visitors is a great way to boost user engagement, solidify loyalty among return customers, and entice new visitors to try you out, all in hopes of converting and retaining them as regulars. We’re here to help you.At Coupon Upto,  we’re provide some of the best coupon plugins for WordPress to help you find one that fits perfectly into your current set up.Here you can find not only wordpress coupons but also will get comprehensive information & reviews about technology to you . In addition, Coupon Upto also have home to many good stores related to wordpress, technology …

Our team at Coupon Upto helps website owners, agency partners and freelancer partners setup coupon code plugins and so much more. Whether you need us to manage 1 website or support 1000 client sites, we’ve got your back.Also, you can find out more information about WordPress plugin for mobile touch device & how to take iPod, iPhone screenshots at here!


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