Can I delete and reinstall clash Royale?

Yes, you can delete and reinstall Clash Royale. Before you uninstall the game, it’s good to back up all progress, so you won’t lose any of your progress and purchases. To do this, go to the settings of the game, select ‘link and load,’ then create a Supercell ID and register the game.

Once the game is backed up, you can go ahead and delete it from the device. To reinstall it, you can download the game from Google Play, the App Store, or the official Clash Royale website. After it is downloaded, all of your progress should reappear after you log in with your Supercell ID.

Can you start over in Clash Royale?

Yes, you can start over in Clash Royale. If you want to reset your progress, you can uninstall and then reinstall the game from the App Store or Google Play. However, please note that this will wipe out all your progress and there is no other way to reset progress.

Additionally, you can also create a new account and start fresh with a new account. By using a different email address and different password, you can have a separate account for your new progress. Additionally, if you just want to start over on the same account, you can also clear out your progress by disconnecting from Game Center or Google Play and completing a factory reset from the game’s settings.

How do I delete my Clash Royale account and start over?

To delete your Clash Royale account and start over, you will need to use Supercell’s Support Portal. First, make sure you log out of your Clash Royale account from all devices, then use the following steps:

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘Submit a Request’ button

3. Enter your details in the form, such as your email address (which must be associated with your Clash Royale account).

4. Select ‘Account’ from the Topic drop-down menu.

5. Select ‘Delete account’ from the Issue Type drop-down menu.

6. Enter a message asking for your account to be deleted and click ‘Submit’.

Supercell will respond via email to confirm if your request has been approved. When approved, all progress and data associated with your Clash Royale account will be permanently deleted and you can start again.

What happens if you delete clash of clans and redownload it?

If you delete Clash of Clans and redownload it, your game progress will not be affected. You will still have the same village, resources, and troops that you had previously. However, your in-game characters and level progress may not be retained; depending on how you had them set up before, you may need to link your game progress to an existing Game Center or Google Play account.

Additionally, you will lose all of the gems and coins you had before deleting the game. If you connected to an existing Game Center or Google Play account before, you may be able to retrieve the gems and coins you had before deleting the game if you still have that account and log in with it.

How do I make a new account on Clash Royale without losing everything?

Creating a new account on Clash Royale without losing your existing data is a relatively simple process. First, launch Clash Royale and tap the gear icon at the top-right corner. Under the ‘Accounts’ section, you will see the ‘Sign Out’ option.

Tap on it and then confirm your action by tapping the ‘OK’ button. After your existing account has been logged out, tap on the ‘Sign In’ button at the bottom and then choose the option that best suits you.

You can either sign in with a Google ID, Apple ID, or Supercell ID to create or link your new account. Once done, you can access all your Clash Royale data on the new account.

Can you have 2 Clash Royale accounts on 1 device?

Yes, you can have two Clash Royale accounts on one device. This can be easily achieved by downloading multiple versions of the game. For example, if you want to play two separate accounts on an Android device, then you simply need to download two different versions of the app.

You can find multiple versions of the game in the Google Play Store such as Clash Royale Private Server, Clash Royale Pro, and so on. Once downloaded, all you have to do is log into each of them with separate Supercell IDs.

That way, you can have two different accounts and manage them simultaneously. Do remember that this would require a sufficient amount of storage on the device and can be quite taxing on the device’s battery.

Can you recover a deleted Clash Royale account?

Yes, you can recover a deleted Clash Royale account provided that the account was linked with your email when you played the game and it was not lost due to hacking or any other reason. First, visit the official website of Clash Royale and tap on “Login/Register” button present at the top right corner.

After that, tap on “Forgot Password” and enter your email. A reset link will be sent to your email. You can use the reset link to regain access to your account and change the password. However, the progress and rewards already acquired in the deleted account cannot be recovered.

Will I lose data if I uninstall and reinstall an app?

Yes, it is possible that you may lose data if you uninstall and reinstall an app. When you uninstall an app, it generally removes any data associated with it, including progress, settings, and any other information you may have stored on the app.

Reinstalling the app will bring back the original settings and will not restore your previous data. As such, it is important to ensure that your data is backed up before uninstalling and reinstalling an app, as you may otherwise lose it permanently.

Additionally, you may want to check with the developer of the app to see if they have any alternative solutions that may benefit you more than uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

Does clash Royale save your progress?

Yes, Clash Royale does save your progress. Whenever you open the game, you will find all your cards and trophies right where you left them. Clash Royale also saves your profile data such as your name, profile picture, and Clan details.

Your progress is also saved when you switch phones, as long as you’re signing in with the same Google or Game Center account that you originally used to register on the game. If you’re switching from an Android device to an iOS device, or from an iOS device to an Android device, you may need to link your new device to the same Google or Game Center account in order to save your progression.

In addition, your Clash Royale progress is backed up by Supercell servers so that you can continue playing the game even if you switch phones or uninstall the game. To access this backup, simply uninstall and reinstall the game and sign in with the same Google or Game Center account.

How do I start a second Clash Royale account?

To start a second Clash Royale account, there are a few steps you need to follow.

1. First, make sure you have a different device (such as a different phone or tablet) that you can use to create the new account. You will not be able to start a new account on the same device you already use.

2. Next, download the Clash Royale game app from the App Store or Google Play depending on the device you are using.

3. After opening the game app, you will be prompted to log in with a Supercell ID or sign up for one. If you already have a Supercell ID, you can use it to log into the game. If this is a new account, you can tap “Create an Account” and follow the steps to complete the account setup.

4. Once your Supercell ID has been linked to the game, you can create your new Clash Royale profile. This will give you access to the main game, where you can build your decks, play against other players and progress through the game.

Following these steps will help you create a second Clash Royale profile that is separate from your original account.

How do you make a third account on Clash Royale?

Making a third account on Clash Royale is simple and can be done in a few steps.

First, open the Clash Royale app on your device and select the Settings button. That will open your profile page. Once there, select the “Change Account” button at the top of the page which will take you to the sign-in page.

On this page, you will see two tabs at the bottom right corner: Sign Up (for new players) and Sign In (for existing ones). If you already have two accounts, select Sign Up to create a new one. Enter your email address, your desired username, and a strong password then click create.

Once you have created the new account, you can sign in to it. When you do so, you will be taken back to your home screen where you can start playing the game.

It’s important to remember that Clash Royale can only be played with one account at a time on any one device. To switch accounts, simply go to the Settings page from your profile and select “Change Account” to sign in to the new one.

Can I reset my progress on Clash Royale?

Yes, you can reset your progress on Clash Royale. To do so, you will have to have your Supercell ID linked to your account on their website. Once your Supercell ID is linked, you will need to contact the customer support team at Supercell and ask them to reset your progress.

Depending on your Supercell ID and the game version you are playing, this process could take up to 24 hours to complete. Once your progress is reset, all of your cards, gold, and trophies will be wiped and you will start anew.

You will then be able to form new decks, compete on the leaderboards with friends, and get rewards along the way.

Why is Clash Royale so addictive?

Clash Royale is a highly addictive game for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a strategy game and unlike other battle games where you just tap to fight, in Clash Royale you must come up with clever combinations of cards, troops and spells to win.

This level of strategic play keeps players engaged and wanting to perfect their strategies. Second, the game features frequent updates and new content that players can look forward to. Thus, players are constantly evolving their strategies in order to remain competitive.

Finally, the game’s competitive nature encourages players to keep playing in order to improve their rank, win more battles and earn more rewards. With its fast-paced battles and strategic game mechanics, there are a host of reasons why Clash Royale is so addictive.

What parents need to know about Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a popular mobile game that pits players in head-to-head battles against each other. While it is relatively easy to learn, there are some important points parents need to know about it before allowing their children to play.

Firstly, Clash Royale is rated 9+ by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This means the game is suitable for most children over the age of nine but may contain some content that parents may not find suitable for younger players.

Parents should therefore assess the content beforehand to ensure their children are able to handle it.

Secondly, parents should be aware that this game heavily incentivises gamers to make in-app purchases. While these in-app purchases are optional and not necessary to play, it is important for parents to ensure their children are not spending too much money.

It is also important to talk to your children about being responsible when it comes to in-app purchases.

And thirdly, while Clash Royale is a great game to play, it may also be very addictive as well. It is important for parents to be aware of this fact and to monitor the amount of time their children are spending playing the game.

Regular breaks are important to ensure your children are not spending too much time playing and that they are doing other activities such as sports and schoolwork.

Overall, it is important for parents to educate themselves about Clash Royale and to talk to their children about it before allowing them to play. As long as children understand the risks involved and parents provide a responsible and supervised gaming environment, Clash Royale can be a fun and educational experience for all.

Is clash safe for kids?

Clash is a popular game and is suitable for kids of all ages, but not all of its content is necessarily appropriate for all children. Some of the content includes violence, language, and other mature themes.

In order to make sure that the game is safe for kids, parents should make sure that their children are playing the game with the settings they have set up. For example, parental controls can be used to restrict access to certain content.

Furthermore, it is important for parents to talk to their kids about what kinds of content is appropriate. They should also take the time to track their kids’ game time and watch for any signs of distress or trouble.

With these steps, parents can ensure that their kids are safe while playing Clash.

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