Chrome and Android – A Potent Combination

If you’re a Google user when it comes to email, browsing the web, or using your phone, you’ll know that if there’s one thing the search-engine giant is good at, it’s integrating one Google idea into another seamlessly. Chrome and Android and two great examples, and there are a fair few examples of why you’ll find the two Google products easy to use in sync with one another.

1) Google everyday apps.

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader – all integrated and easy to sync between your two devices using Chrome and Android, whether you’re setting reminders for a party casino tournament, or you’re aiming to finish off an email draft on your phone moments after the draft saves on your computer. It syncs extremely well, and you’ll never feel as though your choice of phone and browser are clashing.

2) Chrome to Phone.

This one feature/extension justifies using Chrome and Android together more than anything else. One click, and the web-page is waiting for you on an archive-enabled app on your Android device. Brilliant for those on the go, or for people who often find themselves having to switch between phone and computer.

3) Chrome on Android.

It’s on its way, and when it arrives you’ll finally realise just how great Chrome can be once it goes portable. Chrome is a powerful, customisable, reliable browser, fun to use and with extensions (and some impressive apps and games – Bastion is one great example), it becomes a necessity for anyone who’s tired of Firefox and duly averse to so much as opening Internet Explorer if there’s an alternative.

These are just a few reasons, but there are many more – the best way to find your own is to test out the Chrome-Android combo yourself. We’re fairly confident you might enjoy them both, even if they’re not linked through email or extensions. Have fun!

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