How do you answer multiple responses on Instagram?


To answer multiple responses on Instagram, you can respond to each individual comment if possible, or you can use the thread feature. To use the thread feature, start by tapping the speech bubble icon displayed on the post.

This will bring up all of the comments beneath the post. Look for an option to “Reply as a thread”, which can be accessed by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the comment. Once selected, you will be able to reply to multiple comments one at a time, with each comment threaded together.

This allows you to keep your conversations organized and easier to follow.

Why can’t I see question responses on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t see question responses on Instagram because Instagram does not allow users to post and view responses to questions. Questions on Instagram are only meant to be used as a way to start conversations, and responses are not allowed.

Additionally, Instagram has removed the ability to respond to questions altogether in order to focus on creating a safer and more positive experience for everyone on the platform.

However, there are ways to start or join a conversation on Instagram. You can post a comment on the pictures or video where you asked the question, or have a conversation with someone by sending a Direct Message.

Additionally, you can respond to comments or monitor conversations within your post. You can also tag other users and join an active discussion with other followers. These are just some of the ways you can stay connected with people and engage in conversations on Instagram.

How does Instagram Q and A work?

Instagram Q&A is a new feature that allows people to ask questions to Instagram accounts and have their followers answer. It works by allowing the person with the account to post a photo or video with a prompt that prompts people to answer.

The account holder can then respond to their followers’ comments and questions. As the account holder, you can also determine how much information you want to share. You can customize who can answer the questions by selecting the accounts or Hashtags which can answer the questions.

Once the Q&A is up, the account holder can respond to questions they’ve been asked as well as post their own questions to their followers. People can also use the feature to provide feedback and insights on what they think about various topics.

The Q&A feature is a great way to learn more about your followers, host a live Q&A session, and even take polls or surveys. It helps build relationships between the account holders and their followers and can be a great way to generate discussion and insights.

When you respond to an Instagram question is it anonymous?

No, it is not anonymous when you respond to an Instagram question. When you respond to a question on Instagram, your username will be visible to anyone who views the question or answer, and other users may comment or send you direct messages based on your response.

If you want to provide an anonymous answer, you can use a different account, or you can use an anonymous discussion board like Reddit or Y/A.

When someone asks for responses on IG story can they see what I sent?

Yes, when you respond to someone’s Instagram story, they should be able to see what you wrote. This is due to the fact that when you click the “Hidden Responses” feature of the story, all responses, including yours, will be included.

As such, the person who posted the story should be able to view everyone who interacted with their content. Additionally, you can usually tell if the person has viewed your response, as they may choose to respond directly to you, or like or comment your response.

Can people see reply to story?

Yes, people can see replies to stories. It all depends on who you share the story with and how the person viewing the story responds to it. If the story is only shared with certain people, those people can see the replies.

If the story is shared with a wider audience (e. g. through a public account), then anyone who can see the story can see the replies. Additionally, stories can also have interactive elements, such as polls and questions, which can be seen by everyone who views the story.

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