Some cool Ubuntu Linux tips

For your eyecandy, you’ll love your Ubuntu workstation:

How to solve the Ubuntu problem about blurred icons – Icone sfuocate

How to enable smooth fonts

Tango icons theme for Gaim

Vim Tango color scheme

Tango Gnome terminal

Tango color scheme for X-Chat

How to Mount a Remote Folder using SSH on Ubuntu

How to pimp your Ubuntu like Apple OSX

Better quality Firefox formFirefox controls are ugly! How to change it

Performance tuningUbuntu Performance Guides

Speed up Menu in Ubuntu

Speed up OpenOffice

Changing notification-daemon theme:
gconftool-2 -t string -s /apps/notification-daemon/theme Standard

If you have changed your personal Gnome theme and you would have it with the root user too, run this commands:
sudo ln -s /home/USERNAME/.themes /root/.themes
sudo ln -s /home/USERNAME/.icons /root/.icons
sudo ln -s /home/USERNAME/.fonts /root/.fonts

Dpkg packages tips

Ubuntu Fontconfig enanched

Clearlooks Gummy per Ubuntu Feisty

Tangoish Rhythmbox: switching in Tango icons

Tangoish Gnome Applets: cpufreq and sensors with Tango icons

Gnome Nautilus extensions and scripts

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