What is the star in Android messages?

The star in Android Messages is a feature that allows users to add messages to their Favourites list. This list will consist of up to ten messages, which can be reached by tapping on the star icon located next to an individual message in your conversation list.

By doing so, you can keep certain messages easily accessible without having to scroll through your entire chat history. It is especially useful for keeping helpful links, important travel information, or other important messages handy.

Additionally, it allows you to easily refer back to messages that you may have otherwise forgotten about.

Can other people see if you star a message?

It depends on the messaging platform that is being used. In some messaging platforms, when you star a message, it will be visible to anyone in the conversation, while in other messaging platforms, only you can see if you have starred a message.

For example, in Skype, anyone in the conversation can see that you have starred the message, but in WhatsApp, the star is only visible to you.

Can you like a text message on Android?

Yes, you can like a text message on Android. To do so, open the default messaging app on your Android device and then open the message conversation that contains the text you wish to like. Tap and hold on the text message until the context menu appears, then select the “Like” option from the menu.

The message you liked should then be marked with a thumbs up icon indicating that you have liked the message. You can also undo the like if you change your mind. Just select the Un-Like option from the context menu on the message.

What does a star mean next to a contact?

A star next to a contact means that the contact has been marked as a favorite, which allows them to be easily located. Favoriting contacts allows a user to quickly and easily access contacts that are important when sending messages or making calls.

To favorite a contact, users usually have to go into their contacts list, select the contact they wish to favorite, and then select the star option. Having star-marked contacts also makes it easier to organize contacts, as favorites can be easily identified.

By adding a star next to their contact’s name, users can quickly and easily see who their favorite contacts are at a glance.

How do I remove star from messages?

Toggling off “stars” on messages is a simple enough process. First, you need to make sure you are logged into the messaging platform you are wanting to make the change on. From there, locate the settings icon, normally represented with a small gear symbol.

Once you’ve navigated to the settings page, look for the specific section that deals with chat. It should have a title along the lines of “chat settings” or something similar. Scroll down until you find a toggle for stars.

The toggle should have a title such as “allow stars” or “show stars” and you can switch it off. Once you toggle the stars off, it should be applied immediately and you should no longer see stars in the messages.

If you ever want to turn them back on, simply follow the same process as above and toggle the stars on.

Why does my contact have a star?

Your contact may have a star next to their name for a few different reasons. If the contact is a Viber-verified account, this means that the contact is an official representative of a Viber business account.

This could include accounts for a business, brand, or public figure. The contact’s profile will also include the company name and logos in the bio section.

Additionally, contacts may have a star if they are part of Viber’s Smart Notifications program. This program is designed to provide users with information and promotions from local businesses. For example, a user may receive notifications from nearby grocery stores or restaurants.

The star by their name signifies that they are part of this program and are sending the notifications.

Finally, the contact may have the star if they are part of a public chat or broadcast list. This includes popular, open Viber chats like large fan clubs or online communities. Any user that sends a message in the chat will also have a small star next to their name.

What does an asterisk mean at the end of a text message?

An asterisk at the end of a text message usually indicates a slightly cheeky, playful or joking tone. For example, if a person were to write “I finished my test with flying colors*” the asterisk could indicate that, although the person did well, it was more of a struggle than they let on.

It can also be used to indicate a mild flirting undertone. It is important to read the full context of the message and understand the relationship between the persons involved when determining the intention of the asterisk.

Do people get notified when you star their message on WhatsApp?

No, people do not get a notification when you star their message on WhatsApp. When you star a message, it serves as a bookmark for you to easily find that message at a later date. It does not appear anywhere in the chat window either, so there is no visible indication of the star for either party in the conversation.

The only way for someone to know that you have starred their message is if you tell them directly.

Can I look at a message without the sender knowing?

No, you cannot look at a message without the sender knowing. Depending on the messaging platform, messages are usually stored in such a way that the sender is notified whenever a person views or opens their message.

Furthermore, some messaging platforms (such as SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, etc. ) have built-in features that tell senders when a message was delivered and/or opened. Even if the message is archived in your messaging app, the message may still appear in the sender’s notification inbox so that they are aware that you viewed the message, even if you deleted it from your account.

What is Star message on Samsung?

Star message is an app for Samsung phones that allows you to easily and securely send and receive messages. It’s similar to a messaging app but with a focus on providing secure communication. With Star message, you can send messages to your contacts and establish private chats with them.

Messages are encrypted and store locally on your device, so only you and the other person have access to them. Additionally, messages are protected from unauthorized access and tampering by the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment).

This secure environment provides a high level of security and privacy to ensure that your messages are kept safe. Star message provides additional features including voice calling, group chats, and file transferring.

With Star message, you can also create secure, shared folders, allowing you to easily and securely collaborate with others.

Does Samsung have secret message?

Yes, Samsung does have a secret message feature within their Messages app. This feature allows users to send encrypted messages that can be locked with a passcode. This is great for sending sensitive information like passwords or other personal information.

With the Samsung Messages app, users can also send “Self-destructing” messages that are automatically deleted within a certain time frame. This feature is ideal for anyone who wants to ensure that their messages are kept private and secure.

How do you star messages on s22?

To star messages on s22, you’ll first need to open the app and view the message you want to star. Then, click on the message and look for a grey star icon located on the right-hand side. Click the star and it will turn yellow, indicating it’s been starred.

To unstar the message, just click the star again and it will turn grey. You can view all the starred messages in your history by going to the ‘Starred’ tab from the main view. This tab will be located on the bottom section of your app on iOS or the top of the app on Android.

You can also access starred messages from the hamburger menu for each conversation.

How do you star a text?

Starting a text typically involves using the “star” key or symbol (*) on your mobile device or computer keyboard. The star symbol can be used to create a bullet within a text for creating a numbered list or making a simple list of items within the text.

To access the star key or symbol, it is typically located at the bottom of the phone’s keypad or above the number “9” key on computer keyboards. To create a bullet or numbered list, simply type the star or asterisk key first and then type a keyword that represents each item in the list; this will create a bullet in front of each item.

You can also use the star key or symbol as a design element within a text message, to create a low-key background effect or to draw the reader’s attention to a particular item within the text.

Can you hide a text conversation on Samsung?

Yes, you can hide a text conversation on Samsung. Depending on which type of Samsung phone you have, you can use either the Samsung Messages app or the messaging app that comes pre-installed on your device.

If you are using the Samsung Messages app, you can tap and hold the conversation, then tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner. This will open a menu where you can select “Archive. ” This will send the conversation to the ‘Archive’ folder where it will remain until you unarchive it.

If you are using the pre-installed messaging app, you can access the menu by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner. From there, you can tap on the conversation, then tap the “Archive” option.

This will archive the conversation and it will no longer appear in your conversation list. To unarchive it, you can select the “Archive” option again.

What is Samsung secret mode?

Samsung Secret Mode is a privacy enhancing technology developed by Samsung for use on their Galaxy devices. It works by allowing users to hide certain applications, files, images, and videos that they want to keep private.

With Secret Mode, users can unlock hidden content with a password instead of having to rely on their device’s biometric security features. The purpose of Samsung Secret Mode is to provide users an added layer of security and privacy protection when using their device.

Furthermore, Samsung Secret Mode has been optimized to block specific sites, so that users can limit the risk of falling victim to malicious activities on the Internet. By using Samsung Secret Mode, users can keep sensitive data and information secured and also reduce the chances of their data potentially being accessed by malicious actors.

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