Where is the chest at Witches horn?

The chest at Witches Horn is located at the end of an Eroded Tunnel that is found in the Black Desert region of the Smouldering Lake. From the Smouldering Lake Bonfire, make your way around the left side of the lake, and follow the path that comes from the Catacombs.

Eventually you will come upon a large lump of stone on the path, just before the start of the tunnel. Once you reach this point, turn left and head down the tunnel until you reach the end. Here you will find the chest, which contains the Witch’s Ring.

How do you get to the top of the witches horn?

In order to get to the top of the witches horn, one must first ascend a long and winding set of stairs, leading to the top. The stairs will take you in and around the large horn-shaped structure, allowing for a unique and breathtaking view of the area around it.

Make sure to keep an eye out for any bats or other creatures along the way! At the top of the stairs, you will be greeted by a great wooden door. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a wide open chamber filled with a variety of items and artifacts.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and take in the magical atmosphere before continuing your ascent up the witches horn. Upon reaching the top, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

Enjoy the view and take some time to admire the beauty and power of the witches horn.

Where is the secret in Brother’s Bastion?

The secret in Brother’s Bastion can be found at the end of the main questline for the Bastion, which is acquired by speaking to Brother Haeron in Anvil. The quest is called ‘Brother’s Blessings’, and at the end of it Brother Haeron will tell you the secret: there is a hidden gem hidden somewhere inside the Bastion.

The gem is located in a secret room on the second floor of the Bastion. To get there, you’ll need to jump over the hole in the floor near the entrance to the Bastion. Once inside the secret room, you’ll find the hidden gem, which is really just a diamond that you can take back to Brother Haeron to complete the quest.

What race is Merrin?

Merrin is a fictional character, so she does not have a specific race or ethnicity. However, she has been portrayed by various actors, some of whom are of South Asian, African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic descent.

It is likely that Merrin could have any of these backgrounds, depending on the casting choice made for a particular production. Merrin is often characterized as having a mysterious and exotic look, so it is possible that she could have a mixed-race or multi-ethnic heritage.

How do you get across the bridge on Dathomir?

Crossing the bridge on Dathomir requires careful navigation and knowledge of the terrain. First, the bridge spans a large chasm and has succumbed to time, leaving it fragile and potentially dangerous.

As such, it is advised to go across it with extreme caution and pay attention to one’s surroundings. It is also important to ensure one has a safe anchor point to attach a secure rope when attempting to traverse the bridge.

Once you have secured the rope and applied any necessary safety measures, it is then a matter of climbing or traversing the bridge. The bridge is made of an old, corroded metal construction, and therefore can present a challenge in terms of scale and grip.

It is recommended to bring along climbing gear such as harnesses, caribiners, or mechanical ascenders if attempting to climb, as well as adequate hand protection in order to protect against calluses and slipping.

Once on the other side of the bridge, be sure to inspect the area for any possible dangers and, if necessary, stay secure until a safe route is determined. Dathomir is dangerous, and this bridge is no exception.

With careful preparation and execution, it should be possible to make it across the bridge on Dathomir safely.

Can you pass Dathomir without double jump?

No, it is not possible to pass Dathomir without double jump. Double jump is a feature in the game Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order that allows the player to double their jump height and reach higher ledges or platforms.

It is necessary to have the double jump in order to pass the planet of Dathomir and complete the game. Without it, you will be unable to reach some of the higher levels and objectives that are necessary for progression.

Additionally, you will also be unable to access some of the powerful relics and items that can help you on your journey. It is highly recommended that you acquire double jump so that you can properly complete your mission on Dathomir.

Can you complete Jedi fallen order without going to Dathomir?

Yes, it is possible to complete Jedi fallen order without going to Dathomir. In fact, it is possible to complete the game without even traveling to as many planets as some players do. This is because the game allows players to fast travel between planets using their starship.

This saves time and also allows players to focus more on the main objectives such as locating and gathering force echoes, protecting BD-1, and defeating the galaxy’s greatest threat. Additionally, Dathomir is considered an optional area in the game, so it may be possible for some players to complete the game without ever visiting the planet.

How do you double jump in Dathomir?

In order to double jump in Dathomir, you must first have the Force Dash power-up enabled. Once enabled, you can double jump by pressing the jump button twice. This will allow you to reach higher heights and perform more air attacks or hover for longer periods of time.

When you land on the ground, you will need to press the Force Dash button again to reset the double jump. You can purchase the Force Dash power-up from the in-game shop or earn it through the completion of certain challenges.

Be sure to use the double jump power-up wisely, as it can give you the extra edge needed to take down powerful bosses.

How do you get across electric water in Jedi fallen?

In Jedi Fallen Order, there are several different ways to get across electric water. One of the most common methods is by using Force Push. Force Push can be used to move small objects away, which can provide a safe passage over electrified water.

Additionally, Cal can call upon BD-1 to launch a Stim Canister onto the electrified water. This will cause the water to disperse, allowing you to pass safely. Finally, you can use a Double-Bladed Lightsaber to deflect the electric water away from you.

This will cause the electricity to dissipate and allow you to cross safely.

How do you get the chest in windswept ruins?

To get the chest in Windswept Ruins, you need to head to the east side of the map and follow the path until you come to a large open structure with a blue door. Make sure you have a Korok Leaf with you and go up the steps to the top of the structure.

You will see three unlit torches in a triangle across the centre. Use the Korok Leaf to fan the wind and light the torches. This will open up the blue door and reveal the chest inside. The chest will typically contain a Spirit Orb, several bundles of Wood, and a random item.

Where are all the chests in Jedi fallen order?

There are a total of 40 chests that can be found in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. These chests can contain a variety of valuable items and rewards that can help improve your Force abilities or grant access to additional cosmetic customization options.

The chests can be found in assorted areas throughout the game’s map, in both linear levels and the open world.

The first 10 chests can be found on the path leading up to the Academy Ruins, while the remaining 30 can be found across all three main regions of the main story, including the Zeffo, Kashyyyk, and Ossus locations.

In Zeffo, chest locations can be found further in the Tomb of Eilram and in the Venator Wreckage. On Kashyyyk, they can be found at the Stormy Felucia Sinkhole, on the Imperial Refinery, as well as Kochorah and Umas.

Lastly, on Ossus, chests can be found in the Ravagers’ Den, the crashed Star Destroyer, and the Illuminate Vault.

Once all 40 chests have been found, players can reach the maximum level of suppression, and collect rewards such as rare cosmetic items for additional character customization, or powerful objects such as the double-bladed light saber.

When can you fully explore Zeffo?

Zeffo can be fully explored once you have collected the various components needed to open the Imperial Vault. Later on in the game, when The Mantis ship is obtained, the Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir needs to be unlocked so Cal Kestis can explore the tomb of the Jinn, where the components are hidden.

After the components have been collected and brought to the vault on Zeffo, it can be opened. Once opened, the planet’s secrets can be further explored, including its many tombs, wildlife, and monuments.

Aside from finding upgrade components, resource chests, and lore items, the Vaults of Kujet can also be unlocked, providing some interesting insights into the ancient culture of Zeffo.

How do I get to the ancient catacombs fallen order?

In order to get to the ancient catacombs in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you will need to progress through the story until you are able to take the Mantis to Zeffo. After arriving on Zeffo, you can easily locate the entrance to the catacombs by simply wandering around until you spot a large structure with a big door locked with energy fields.

You will need to restore the power to the doors, and this is done by solving the puzzles and restoring the power to the the machine near the entrance. Once the power is restored, the doors open, granting you access to the ancient catacombs.

Inside the catacombs, you’ll find various puzzles, hidden secrets, and a number of Imperial enemies. With some exploration and a little bit of backtracking, you will eventually make your way through the region and eventually make your way to the other side.

Is there a Jedi outfit in fallen order?

No, unfortunately there isn’t a Jedi outfit in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game allows players to customize their main character’s appearance, but it does not include a Jedi outfit option. When playing as the character of Cal Kestis, players are able to select the color of the robe and change the look of his facial hair, but there is no option to wear the iconic Jedi robes.

How many chests are on Dathomir?

During the time of the Old Republic, a great number of Sith artifacts were thought to have been hidden in numerous chests around the planet. Since then, other groups have continued to hide items on Dathomir, so the number of chests on the planet is likely to change from era to era.

While it is impossible to know the exact number of chests on Dathomir at any given time, the abundance of chests and the mystery surrounding them make Dathomir a popular destination for adventurers and treasure hunters alike.

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