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WassUp Real Time Visitors Tracking

WassUp is a new WordPress plugin to track your visitors in real time. It has a very readable and fancy admin console to keep tracks of your blog’s users visits.
It has a “current visitors online” view and a more detailed “visitors details” view where you can know almost everything your users are doing on your blog, it’s very useful for SEO or statistics maniacs. Now it comes with a new “Spy” view in Ajax like the Digg Spy.
The aim of WassUp is the knowledge of what your visitors do when they surf your blog, it is not intended to show grouped statistics for periods like visitors per day, pageviews per months and so on (there are many others tools to better gain that, like Google Analytics). With WassUp you’ll get a cronology of your blog’s visits with a lot of details for each single user session….. (info & download)

NoFollow Free

NoFollow Free Badge
NoFollow Free removes the “nofollow” attribute from your wordpress blog’s comments (precisely from the author’s links) and/or from the comments text links and it inserts (if you want) an image band at the top of your pages with the phrase: “NOFOLLOW FREE”. To encourage your users to submit comments it has some options to replace the nofollow only when the author posted X comments before and put back the nofollow when some blacklisted words are matched. The replacement of the nofollow is also based upon the users type (registered and visitor users). Every option can be customized by the options page “NOFF“… (info & download)


With the new 2.3 release WordPress supports a native tagging system for posts. This plugin allows you to insert tags to pages too and not only to posts… (info & download)

TIL Technorati Incoming Links

It’s time for new plugins and here is a very simple one. If you have upgraded your blog to WordPress 2.3, you have noticed that the Dashboard “Incoming Links” has been replaced from Technorati to Google Blog Search. For who would like to restore the Technorati Incoming Links (without remove the new Google Blog Search) I coded this plugin. I hope it is useful… (info & download)

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